In the spotlight: EU draws up « blacklist » of airlines complicit in migrant smuggling

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It made the front page of the entire European press.  » EU draws deterrent weapon against smuggling of migrants « , Headlines the Belgian daily The evening. The objective is to sanction the «  trafficking in migrants « , Orchestrated by Belarus, by punishing all companies » which participate in the artificial creation of migration crises along the borders of the EU », Explains for his part El Pais. The Spanish daily details measures that will prevent in particular  » airlines complicit in this traffic to land or take off at European airports, and even to fly over EU airspace « .

As much  » punitive measures « , Financially dissuasive which should therefore discourage » airlines and travel agencies to participate in human trafficking », Instrumentalized by authoritarian regimes like Belarus, comments for his part Die Walt. The German daily insists on the dissuasive aspect of this new set of sanctions, which makes it a real  » prevention tool « , Which as the European Commission hopes » will never need to be used « .

For his part, El Pais notes that Brussels is in any case following Washington “en arrogating to itself the power to sanction companies from countries outside the EU « , After having criticized a lot » the sanctions imposed by the United States against Cuba and Iran, which have forced European companies to abandon their activities in these countries in order not to be sanctioned « .

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US joins China in tapping into oil reserves

The two powers have put their rivalry aside, explains the New York Times to launch with India, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom “ a coordinated initiative to tap into their strategic oil stocks, in an attempt to bring down the rise in gasoline prices « .

The United States will thus unblock  » 50 million barrels », The largest quantity ever drawn, notes the Wall Street Journal. A signal sent by Joe Biden to the middle classes, underlines for his part the New York Times so «  that the president has seen his popularity collapse with rising gas and food prices « .

On the eve of Thanksgiving, American consumers could therefore enjoy “ this drop in prices at the pump « , Even if their » relief may be short lived « , warns the American daily, however, that everything will now depend on OPEC’s reaction. The Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries, at the end of this initiative, could, as of next week, “sEither decide to increase their production, or just as well to reduce it, this is not excluded, and thus again to make world oil prices soar « .

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In the United States, women requisitioned in the event of war ?

For  » the first time in history, women could thus be requisitioned by the army », In case of conflict, explains USA Today, who points out that when Congress returns from the Thanksgiving vacation, it should approve an amendment  » which would oblige women aged 18 to 25 to register for the selective service « . The latter opens the way to a military service which has no « phas been activated for almost 50 years, since the end of the Vietnam War « .

Until now, only men had to register for this  » military service “, Underlines again the American daily newspaper which also reports the strong opposition of certain elected Republicans vis-a-vis such a project. Including Texas Senator Ted Cruz who judges  » deeply unfair to forcibly recruit women into combat « . For their part, the Democrats put forward  » the need for men and women to be treated equally in future conflicts « .

Maradona buried without his heart

One year after the death of  » argentinian god », The revelation of a doctor in The nation, the Argentinian daily newspaper which reports that Diego Maradona  » had to be buried without his heart to foil the plot of rival supporters who planned to steal the organ of the football legend during the wake « , last year.

 » His heart was therefore removed, and autopsied », Underlines for his part the Times who notes that – still according to the doctor’s words – it was  » a true athletic heart, almost twice the size of a normal heart « .

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