In the race for another small globe from the giant, Tessa Worley already has a nice place in history

This Sunday, Tessa Worley is fighting for a second small globe of the giant, her discipline, the one in which she is in the historic Top 3 in the number of victories (16). With five small points behind a Sara Hector who is said to have been diminished by her fall in Are, the 32-year-old Frenchwoman would almost be a favorite. One-dimensional in its successes, the Grand Bornand « Chip » suffers, in the eyes of the general public, from its specialization. Unlike Alexis Pinturault, she has never been able to compete in the general standings, but her performance and consistency make her one of the best giantists in history. This guarantees him a place in the history of French and world skiing.

Let’s talk numbers first. Tessa Worley weighs 16 World Cup successes, all acquired as a giant between 2008, at just 19 years old and 2022, at 32 years old. From the first glance, we understand that Worley is above all exceptional longevity. Fourteen years between the first and the last, to date, success is a performance similar to that of a Lindsey Vonn (2004-2018) for example. These 16 victories place her up to Annemarie Moser-Pröll in giant, four units behind the legend Vreni Schneider (20). Proof that in the discipline, Worley is part of the elite.


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Right behind Killy

In the Franco-French ranking, Worley comes in fourth position behind the 34 successes of Alexis Pinturault, the 22 of Carole Merle and the 18 of Killy, which she could also exceed next season. She has never succeeded in triumphing in another discipline, and for good reason she gave herself body and soul to the giant. She does make a few forays into super-G (four Top 5 in her career) but she has a business and sticks to it.

Which should not depreciate its performance according to our consultant Florence Masnada: « When you know the requirement of the giant which is the basic discipline which brings together a large part of the girls, all the best skiers in fact, it is exceptional what she does« . You only have to take a look at the classification of the discipline to be convinced: Shiffrin, Vlhova and Brignone, the top three overall, are also in the Top 6 in giant.

Respected by the circuit, Worley has long held French skiing at arm’s length. Double giant world champion (2013 and 2017), she also has a small globe in her collection. A regularity that blows Florence Masnada: « What is strong is that she was often alone in the France team. In skiing, you need emulation in a groupshe explains. In athletics, you know what you are worth in the 100m. In skiing, you cannot know. Sometimes you feel like you’re okay and you’re not. You need to compare yourself » Professional to the end, her level at 32 is proof of this, Worley has lasted and has ten seasons with at least one success in the World Cup.

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The lack of an Olympic medal

« What’s missing is the Olympic medalregrets Florence Masnada, herself tanned in 1992. She would have really changed in dimension. The World Cup, world titles, it does not equal an Olympic medal in the eyes of the general public who are not, for the most part, ski specialistsThat was Worley’s goal in Beijing, where she was a standard bearer, symbol of recognition in the world of sport. Goal missed with her retirement in the second run.

Still, this weekend, Tessa Worley could put her name a little more in the history of skiing. Double world champion and, perhaps, double winner of the small globe of the specialty, the French would not be very far from the very honorary title of best giantist in history. Just that.


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