In the midst of turmoil, the viral images of Westbrook with a star of the Clippers!

Criticized from all sides, Russell Westbrook however finds a way to add oil to the fire himself. Indeed, he has not failed to attract attention by training with a big name in the Clippers recently. It must be said that the two men are very close.

The 2022-23 season hasn’t even started yet. Russell Westbrook is already under sanction. This shows how complicated the next few months will be for him, on the side of the Lakers where he is persona non grata after a disgusting first campaign in the City of Angels. But as no one wanted to set up a trade for him, he is condemned to stay put, to the chagrin of many supporters of the franchise.

As a result, failing to be able to escape criticism, the Brodie is doing what it can to be in good shape from next fall. For this, he is ready to train with any opponent, including those of the sworn enemy. He was thus seen playing with Victor Oladipo of the Heat, but especially Paul George who is the luxury lieutenant of Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers. A rather risky move given its current situation!

Russell Westbrook training with Paul George

Seeing the two men together is not that surprising, despite the rivalry between their two teams. Indeed, they rubbed shoulders at the Thunder for a few months and quickly became great friends, and that has not changed after their separation in 2019. However, not sure that Purple and Gold fans appreciate… more than that, some Internet users have found a way to ridicule the 2017 MVP a little more, after a somewhat gag sequence:

Russell Westbrook dropping a brick after shouting « Game time! » » will always make me laugh

If he already has to deal with the hatred of Lakers fans towards him, he might as well train with people who appreciate him in the case of Russell Westbrook. That being said, it is not tomorrow the day before that we will attend a meeting between him and Paul George, at least not at the Clippers.

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