In the midst of controversy Rudy Gobert, the figure that overwhelms Donovan Mitchell

For several days, Donovan Mitchell has been singled out for his attitude towards Rudy Gobert. Indeed, a statistic suggests that he would deliberately ignore his pivot, which annoys many observers. And his case is not going to get better with another lunar number.

With the great victory obtained over the Grizzlies a few days ago, thanks in particular to a perfectly controlled extension with Rudy Gobert involved, one would have thought the Jazz ready for the playoffs. But this Friday, against the best team in the league Phoenix, Quin Snyder’s men fell back into their ways and many questions arise before the big deadlines.

Indeed, once again, Utah dropped a comfortable lead of more than 10 points in the last quarter, which reflects a real psychological weakness… And then at the time of the controversy between Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell , there is better to regain confidence and silence the many detractors of the Salt Lake City franchise.

Donovan Mitchell very disappointing in the last quarters

Moreover, since the release of this mind-blowing statistics on the sporting relationship of the two All-Starsthe French pivot is particularly defended by observers and fans, and in particular Shaquille O’Neal, who paid him a huge compliment. Donovan Mitchell meanwhile is more questioned for his lack of selflessness, and that’s not going to get any better with a damning number about him.

The Jazz remarkably lost a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter for the third time in six games. Donovan Mitchell is 3/16 shooting in those periods.

This Friday against the Suns, Donovan Mitchell concluded the last quarter with a terrible 0/6 shooting, which precipitated the fall of the Jazz. This is unfortunately a trend at the end of the regular season, and it is particularly worrying since the games are often tight in the playoffs. The worst is that in this same period, Rudy Gobert only took one shot, even though he dominated the opposing racket when he was served. This should not calm the controversy.

Donovan Mitchell tends to play the heroes in the end of the meeting, and that very rarely smiles at the Jazz this year. It remains to be seen if Utah manages to find a different approach for the playoffs, or if the franchise will rest 100% on the back.

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