In the midst of controversy, Carlisle’s message to Luka Doncic

Rick Carlisle left the Mavs, the coach has already found a new base. The opportunity for him to come back to certain rumors concerning Luka Doncic. A clear message, and quite classy that the Slovenian should appreciate.

After another failure in the playoffs, Rick Carlisle said stop. Obviously more very happy in Texas, the coach decided to leave this summer to join the market. It didn’t take long to find a new home, since he signed for the Pacers on Thursday. A team he knows, having coached him from 2003 to 2007.

Within the Eastern Conference, he hopes to regain success, although it will not be easy. One thing is certain, he could not avoid questions about his liabilities in Dallas. Many rumors have evoked a problem with its leaders, and even Luka Doncic.

More recently, we even had the right to some crazy revelations about the coach, who will surely want to quickly turn the page. However, before starting his job at Indiana, he made a point of sending a public message to Doncic, his former player. Class.

I just sent him a message to thank him for these three wonderful years. I learned a lot from him, and I explained to him that I was happy to meet him only twice in the year. It is said as a compliment, of course. I think he is the most talented young player in the world. These three years are a magnificent springboard for the 10 to come. I expect him to become an NBA champion, to win multiple MVPs. I have a lot of respect for him, his abilities and his mastery of the game. He really is a player that you see once in a generation.

I sat down with him two years ago, explaining that he was going to have the ball more often. He was going to be able to create the game, shape his career, make mistakes, do big things, know victory, but also defeat, and that was very important in order to become that type of player. He took his responsibilities, he had that confidence, and he was able to turn it all into a career as a supermax. But I think he understands that a heritage is transmitted especially with titles. It was the case in Europe, and I predict it will be the same in the NBA.

Respect, a lot of respect for Rick Carlisle towards Luka Doncic. He sees him as the NBA superstar, who is expected to win several MVPs, but also many titles in the years to come. We do not know if the coach is right, but the person concerned will appreciate.

Despite the rumors, Rick Carlisle has nothing but respect for Luka Doncic and their work together. Their road separates, but the Slovenian intends to continue to grow. A great career is ahead of him, which we will follow with great happiness.

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