In the midst of a cheating scandal, the arrogant provocation of Jackson Jr.

Jaren Jackson Jr. was well on the way to Defender of the Year, but a huge cheating scandal could see him drop down the pecking order. Him prefers not to dramatize, the proof with this beautiful provocation before the meeting against the Pacers this Sunday. He assumed perfectly on the ground with an XXL card.

Jaren Jackson Jr. found himself embroiled in a rather disturbing affair this weekend, as Internet users quite openly accused him of having an advantage in the race for the title of Defenseman of the Year, thanks to figures doctored by the Grizzlies . Since the start of the season, the man responsible for counting the statistics in Memphis would give him free interceptions and blocks !

The case started from an observation that is obvious: JJJ is much better when he plays at home than when he plays away, and the difference is so impressive that it does not seem natural. The Grizzlies play in front of boiling fans and always move in hostile environments, from there to double their statistics… Doubt is necessarily allowed.

Jaren Jackson mocks conspiracy theories about him

But for his return to the field this Sunday, the interior showed that he was indeed one of the best defenders of the season, if not the best. He did not hesitate to use the controversy to motivate himself before the meeting against the Pacers, with a small arrogant provocation at the scorer’s table. Fortunately for him, he fully assumed his words with an XXL release.

Jaren Jackson Jr. explained that he went to the scorer’s table before the game to ask, « Who’s the one helping me? « . He hasn’t read the Reddit post, but claims he « beat the case ».

Before the start of the meeting against the Pacers, Jaren Jackson Jr. went to the scorer’s table to find the one who was supposed to help him inflate his statistics. A brilliant joke for some, an arrogant provocation for others. In any case, he did not need the others to achieve a good performance, since he finished the game with 28 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks, all legitimate. Fans appreciated the irony of the situation:

Jaren Jackson who managed 5 blocks after the start of the conspiracy theory on his statistics is incredible.

Jaren Jackson Jr. is much more comfortable Memphis that outside, he has just proved it again this Sunday with an XXL box in front of his audience. If he continues at this pace, he should win his first major title at the end of the season, and no one can complain about that.

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