In the middle of Warriors / Celtics, the tackle supported by LeBron James!

In front of his television screen for the finals, LeBron James followed the second game between the Celtics and the Warriors this Sunday evening. The King took the opportunity to drop a tweet / tackle during this Game 2, aimed at a few « experts ». If he doesn’t mention anyone, it’s clear the Laker has someone on his mind, although he prefers to keep calm.

Warriors and Celtics met on the court this Sunday evening, for the rest of the finals. After a great victory for Boston in the first game, Steve Kerr’s men reacted perfectly with a nice success in Game 2 (summary here). The job is done for the Dubs, who will soon leave for Boston, to try to take the two games to end the series at home, and thus win a new title.

LeBron James frustrated by a comment during Game 2!

Whatever happens, we imagine that LeBron James will not be far, he who always follows what is happening in these playoffs. He didn’t congratulate the Warriors or anything like that, but he did tweet out some so-called « pundits. » Obviously, the King did not like the comments of a person, even if he prefers to remain evasive on his twitter account. It’s probably better that way.

It’s great fun for me to see how many experts there are on this app. Everyone is Dr. James Naismith! It’s fascinating. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

No one targeted, but the tweet raises a few questions, especially during the Warriors and Celtics game. However, Internet users did not appreciate the reflection too much, with some tackles in the lot:

I think the same thing when I see political statements. It’s also fun.

You don’t have to be Naismith to know that without Kyrie or Allen, you don’t have rings.

It’s so funny to see how much free time you’ve had since April

If LeBron James had fun with his tweet, as much to say that Internet users did not like the King’s reflection. The message got through, although we’re curious to know who the Akron native was referring to. Whatever happened, his response did not elicit positive enough reactions. Like what, it is not necessarily unanimous on Twitter.

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