In the middle of the G-League season, Chandler Hutchison is retiring!

Drafted in 2018 as the 22nd pick by the Bulls, Chandler Hutchison played this season in the G-League, at the Sioux Fall Skyforce, for 17 points and 7 rebounds on average in five games.

A rather positive experience a priori, but which obviously did not please him much because the 26-year-old player announced last night that he was hanging up his sneakers after only five seasons with the pros!

Winger out of Boise State, Chandler Hutchison had had an interesting second season with the Bulls, averaging 8 points and 4 rebounds at 46% shooting. But already at the time, he had left the group for personal reasons, before finally returning. Subsequently exchanged in Washington, he gradually fell into oblivion, to find himself this season in the antechamber of the League.

He had made a final appearance on the Suns roster last season, with a « two-way contract », but at the end (end) of the bench, he sank.

Unfortunately quite physically fragile and plagued by personal problems, Chandler Hutchison failed to seize his chance when she showed up and it was on a rather enigmatic message left on social networks that he chose to leave. the scene (for now?).

“Due to personal reasons, I have decided to retire from basketball on this day, to better assess what is best for my future. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I truly believe God has a plan for me and this decision is a step in the right direction to accomplish something greater. Thanks. »

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