In the middle of the Euro, Shaq’s vicious tackle to Rudy Gobert!

In recent months, Shaquille O’Neal and Rudy Gobert have exchanged a lot, and not necessarily with kindness. The Big Cactus remains very provocative towards the French, the proof with his last tackle following an action which took place in this Euro. Decidedly, it will never stop.

Precious for the France team, Rudy Gobert was decisive during the last success against Turkey, with in particular 17 rebounds and a decisive tap. A good way to gain confidence for the French, considered one of the leaders of the Blues. You can imagine that in case of disappointment, the former Jazz player will be one of the first targets, but he was able to assume his status.

The following ? It’s against Italy this Wednesday, to try to win a ticket for the half. We do not know if he will follow this meeting, but we imagine that Shaquille O’Neal will not be very far in the event of elimination. It must be said that the two men have often provoked each other in recent months, especially since Rudy’s trade in Minnesota should not help, especially in the event of poor performance.

Shaquille O’Neal is having fun with Rudy Gobert again!

While waiting for Gobzilla’s new adventure, O’Neal didn’t wait to have a little fun. Active on his Instagram account, the Big Cactus allowed himself to share a sequence of this EuroBasket, where Rudy is largely overtaken in defense. The guilty ? Alperen Sengun, who played the French perfectly to score in the racket.

The Shaq did not hesitate to share the sequence, which must amuse him. After all, and even if he achieves a convincing Euro so far, Rudy must make efforts in defense where he has experienced some shortcomings since the start of the competition, like the Blues for that matter. It will take a reaction on Wednesday, when challenging Italy for a place in the semis.

Moreover, the Wolves player is perfectly aware of this: this French team must do better on the floor, and in all areas. Invited on a show this Sunday, since he has a few days to breathe, Gobert did not hesitate to warn his teammates following the performance against Turkey. He is mainly aiming for this air pocket in the third quarter, which will have to be forgotten.

Shaquille O’Neal never misses one when he can have a little fun with Rudy Gobert, even in this EuroBasket 2022. The little battle continues between the two men, although the Frenchman has to worry about other things at the moment. It will be different at Wolves.

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