In the middle of the drama, LeBron’s agent gets a new star!

Rich Paul is currently in a delicate situation, having to deal with a complaint from a former client, namely Nerlens Noel. But that does not prevent him from being popular, since he has just picked up a new star on the market!

Yes Lebron james was able to amass a colossal sum in the NBA, he can also thank Rich Paul, his long-standing agent. The relationship between the two is very close, which has the gift of annoying some. For many, including competitors, the agent gives priority to the King, even if it means denigrating other customers. A fairly serious accusation, and not necessarily founded.

Well, that was before. Since then, a former member of the famous Klutch Sports group has decided to attack the firm : Nerlens Noel, who extended to the Knicks this summer for just over 3 years and $ 30 million. A deal obtained thanks to his new agent, and certainly not thanks to Paul.

The pivot accuses the strongman of the Klutch group of having cost him a lot of money, especially with the Sixers. A first accusation, and we can imagine, with proof to the key. For now, it’s impossible to know how this soap opera will end, but behind the scenes, several agents are happy to see this attack according to Bleacher Report.

However, and despite a reputation that takes a hit, the stars continue to spin at Klutch. This is the case of Zach LaVine, who will sign there. This is not trivial, since he can extend his contract this summer against $ 105 million over 4 years. Or it can hit the market in a year, and aim for up to $ 235 million over 5 years. Suffice to say that the Bulls will have to go to the cash.

Zach LaVine is expected to sign with the Klutch Sports group, according to a source.

Zach LaVine also goes to Klutch Sports, before a new contract which promises to be lucrative. Rumors ? Very little for the rear, which hopes to hit its jackpot.

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