In the middle of a storm, the Lakers take a new hit on the head!

Not to their advantage on this pre-season, the Lakers seem unable to reassure after a catastrophic exercise. Two former players have also delivered a terrible verdict on the Californians, announcing a new premature end to the season…

What should we expect from the Lakers in 2022-23? The question is particularly thorny, as the Pourpres et Ors disappointed last year. It’s hard to see them bounce back after missing the playoffs a few months ago, as their roster hasn’t improved significantly despite the signings of Dennis Schröder and Patrick Beverley at the lead. They also failed to get rid of her Russell Westbrookyet persona non grata in the City of Angels.

Result, they have not done much to improve their rating with observers, who are preparing for another mediocre exercise on their part. Stephen Jackson and Paul Pierce in particular did not hold back their blows recently, on the chained HBO. According to the two former players converted in the media, Los Angeles is likely not to know the post-season, this season again. A star has also taken for his rank:

Steve Jax and Paul Pierce destroy the Lakers

Stephen Jackson : I do not see Anthony Davis come to practice saying, « Listen bro, everybody’s following me this year. I’ll take care of everything. Fuck what they say in the media. Fuck all that. I will carry everyone on my back. I’ll take care of everything. He’s not going to come out of the woodwork and say that. And if he doesn’t have that attitude, they won’t even make the playoffs.

Paul Pierce : I don’t even think the Lakers will be in the top 8.

Difficult to make more cash from the two ex-stars, whose opinion does not seem about to change anytime soon. The AD case is indeed delicate, because the big man is regularly physically affected and already has to deal with sores. Under these conditions, seeing him take over from LeBron James, who is about to turn 38, seems very unlikely… As a result, Internet users suggest that they throw the season in the trash and acquire a certain French nugget.

The Lakers must tank this season and draft Victor Wembanyama!

According to Stephen Jackson and Paul Pierce, you really shouldn’t expect much from the Lakers this season. From there to the Pourpres et Ors scuttling the entire campaign for a top pick that they will certainly not cross.

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