In the middle of a storm, Ja Morant cash: « Fuck them »

Since the start of the playoffs, the attitude of Ja Morant has been questioned by many Internet users, annoyed by the provocations and the show offered by the leader of the Grizzlies. At the heart of the storm, he decided to send a clear message to the haters.

The playoffs are the period during which the stars reveal themselves in the NBA, the period during which the legends write themselves… But occasionally, the players are eclipsed by an outside personality who completely monopolizes the attention of the media and Internet users, as in 2015 with the first appearances of Riley Curry in a press conference. This year a similar scenario seems to be repeating itself in Memphis, where Tee Morant, father of Ja, is a real phenomenon.

Ja Morant flies to the aid of his father

At each Grizzlies home game, Tee Morant shows up, or is highlighted by the cameras, like during this sequence with his doppelganger Usher, or during his long hug with Stephen Curry following the first game of the series against the Warriors. And if he undoubtedly takes pleasure at the edge of the field, his omnipresence begins to annoy across the Atlantic. In the face of criticism, his son decided to send a clear message to everyone.

Internet user: Criticizing Ja Morant for being active on Twitter like you and me and having fun on the pitch is very weird. But criticizing his father for having a good time watching his son play, and for respecting other great NBA players is even stranger. Sports fans just want to get mad at something 😭

Ja Morant: Fuck them, we assure you.

Unlike others, who see basketball as a profession, Ja Morant still sees this sport as a game, and he shows it on the pitch with ever more spectacular provocations and actions. And obviously, he does not intend to change to satisfy the general public, and he does not intend to change his father, who breathes happiness at the edge of the field. The Morants are spectacular, like to show off, and you have to accept them that way.

Ja Morant probably knows this very well, to have his attitude and his provocations accepted, he will have to win, and quickly. This will require passing the Warriors stage, which could be very complicated with their experience and their collective experience…

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