In the middle of a hill climb, this Ferrari F40 misses a turn and ends up against a barrier

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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Ferrari, many events are organized. And this weekend in Switzerland, the cars of the prancing horse were in the spotlight of the Kerenzerberg Rennen.

More a parade than a race, this event was intended to delight the spectators present and show everyone as many Ferraris as possible.

Only here, at the bend of a bend at the top of a slightly steep slope, the driver of an F40 ended up against a safety barrier. If the Ferrari is damaged, the driver and a spectator near the barrier are unharmed.

It’s going too fast

Driving such a supercar, losing control can happen very quickly. The proof with this video since everything was going well until this F40 left in the background. Still, the turn didn’t seem that complicated.

Clement Fauriel

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