In Singapore, Ferrari « overcame » the difficulties of the last GP

Seeing two red suits on the podium is an image that has become rare this season. For the first time since the Miami Grand Prix, both Ferrari drivers rode the box at the Singapore Grand Prix. Leclerc 2nd, Sainz 3rd: a double podium which had not happened since the beginning of May and which looks like a relief for the Scuderia. Out of contention for victory since resuming after the summer break, Ferrari finally proved to be efficient and dangerous against Red Bull, who were playing one-on-two with a Verstappen stuck in traffic.

Despite the disappointment linked to the defeat against Sergio Pérez, when Charles Leclerc started from pole position, Mattia Binotto prefers to retain the positive of the Singapore event. « We’ve been chasing a win for quite a while and today [dimanche], we came very close. I think finishing second and third is still a good resultjudges the Italian director of the Scuderia. If we look in relation to the constructors’ championship, it was a good weekend. I think overall the car was fine in the wet and in the dry (…) Here in Singapore, Ferrari showed that they had overcome the difficulties at Spa and Zandvoort. We were able to regain our performance, which bodes well for the races to come. »

A bad start from Leclerc deprives Ferrari of a victory

However, Ferrari’s performance remains to be put into perspective with Max Verstappen’s eventful weekend, much faster in qualifying and in the race but a victim of his own mistakes on Sunday and those of his team on Saturday. Not enough to dampen the satisfaction of Mattia Binotto, who believes that Charles Leclerc’s bad start cost the victory to the Scuderia and the Monegasque. “I think the start was not great, we [perdu une] position at the start and that affected the rest of the race. So, having made a better start, I think we would have had a better result.did he declare.

A victory that once again passed into the hands of Ferrari. The last success of the Scuderia goes back more than 3 months: it was in Austria with Leclerc, on July 10th. For a team that could play for the championship, it’s starting to take a long time…

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