In Sainte-Suzanne, a day to promote diversity in sport


Mixed sport is possible! And it’s a win-win, for the Chancégal association which is organizing this Sunday a day of demonstration and practice in the bocage in Sainte-Suzanne.

Handball, fencing, tchoukball, Basque pelota… All sports can be practiced by men and women. And together! This is the message of this day of promotion of mixed sport.

Introductory workshops in about fifteen disciplines are offered. At the French boxing stand, a mother jumps in the ring with a little boy. Johnny Maohousa, sports facilitator confirms: « it is a discipline suitable for everyone ».

Inequalities still too numerous

This day is a first for the Chancégal association, an agency for the integration of equality between men and women, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Normally Chancégal is more oriented towards actions in the school or professional environment. For the first time, it is tackling equality in sports.

« We go further than the simple feminization of sport, today whether we are men or women we can practice sport at all levels, » explains Violaine Assati, President of Chancégal.

For the association, « the inequalities of treatment, recognition and access to all sports are still numerous. » The establishment of sporting practice separated by gender dates from the 19th century, and it remains today. Performance is often associated with strength and power. However, Chancégal recalls that other physical capacities are necessary: « skill / precision, flexibility, resistance, agility, the importance of which should not be underestimated. Finally, cognitive (making good decisions), emotional (managing stress), social (working with others) faculties ) and methodological (develop strategies) also contribute to the production of performance and are also mobilized in girls and boys. « 

Round tables and discussions with local actresses and actors on the progress of gender diversity in sport are also on the menu for this day.

To define in particular, the projects to be carried out in this area.


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