In Saint-Sauveur in the Oise, a deer chased by a hound takes refuge near the football stadium

This Saturday, November 13, 2021, a hunt prompted a deer to take refuge next to the Saint-Sauveur stadium near Compiègne, where a football match was taking place. Families witnessed the scene.

Trapped, a deer tried to take refuge on the stadium in the town of Saint-Sauveur, near Compiègne, this Saturday, November 13, 2021, around 1:30 p.m. Then on the edge of the forest, the animal, hunted by a hunting crew and their dogs, finds itself stuck at the level of the stadium fence.

At the same time, parents were dropping off their children, under the age of 15, for a football match. « I had just arrived in the parking lot with my 13 year old son when the deer came out of the forest with three or four dogs chasing it. I shouted at the dogs for them to leave and tried to push the deer back into the forest in the opposite direction of the hunters« , says one of the parents of the club.

The trainer of the Association Sportive de Saint-Sauveur ensures that dogs entered the stadium enclosure while the players were warming up. « They were four or five. But they were quickly out when the parents pushed them out of the stadium« , he explains. »We had to wait for the hunters to move away to start the match.« The coach adds that the »followers« hunters – participants in the hunt, unarmed – moving by car, wanted to enter the stadium enclosure to follow the hunt closely.

This video of the scene was taken by one of the parents of the club present on site, then relayed on social networks by the anti-hunting association AVA Compiègne.

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