In Rouen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, this combat sport derived from judo, has many aficionados

Do you know Brazilian jiu-jitsu? A combat sport derived from judo and martial arts, the discipline already has many followers in Rouen, where Sébastien Lecoq, former champion of France, opened his club. Meeting with convinced practitioners.

The pronunciation of its name can make you smile, jiu-jistu, and it is hard to imagine listening to it what discipline it is! Brazilian jiu-jistu has centennial Japanese origins, and is now affiliated with the judo federation. A martial art derived from judo, this combat sport is characterized as the art of subduing your opponent to the ground. Sébastien Lecoq flourished in this discipline, to be among the best Frenchmen. Multiple champion of France on the tatami, he becomes in 2021 one of the coaches of the French team. Leaving Paris for Normandy in 2021, he found here a land to conquer. For a year, Sébastien has been transmitting this martial art to his new followers. In Rouen, everything had to be built: find a room and attract new practitioners in a discipline little known in France. Mission accomplished, for its second year the club already has a hundred licensees. « It’s a gripping sport, there are no strikes. The idea is to bring your partner to the ground, then take the strongest possible positions, for example the rise or the back, and make your opponent give up, by a choke, an arm lock, a joint lock . that’s the goal. The doctrine of the sport is that a smaller, weaker one can beat a bigger opponent with ground moves.« explains the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teacher.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Sébastien Lecoq is one of the best Frenchmen in this exercise. Expertise now at the service of Norman fighters. Katia Balashova and Pauline Caudrelier began their practice of combat sports here, and at each session they measure the benefit. « We are progressing quite quickly, Pauline is surprised, and suddenly it’s nice to see the efforts paid off ! ». »Yes it’s nice to feel confident after the fights we do here » continues Katia.

Other more experienced fighters have found in Brazilian jiu-jistu a way to complete their technical palette. Robin Mullet is a former top-level wrestler, now a convert to this essentially tactical discipline. « It’s something different, new. If we had to draw a parallel, I would say that it’s much more technical and less physically demanding -than wrestling-. A lot of people talk about « human chess » because you have to put a wrist there to predict that in four moves I could move it the opposite way to get the back and be able to strangle and so on.. it’s much more strategic ! ».

Clélia Quenson, a former judoka now French champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu free category, quickly changed. After only a few months of practice, she won several national titles. « The jiu is a little more rigid, the fact of being able to go in the legs, to do arm locks is more natural, freer, I express myself better in this sport“comments the young woman.

Despite its young existence, the Brazilian jiu-jistu club of Rouen ranks among the most successful in France.

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