In Pleudihen, the CM2s of Notre-Dame play sports with Stade Rennais – Pleudihen-sur-Rance

The CM2 class from Notre-Dame school was selected by Stade Rennes to practice 15 minutes of sport a day, before starting the school day.

17 classes from Ille-et-Vilaine and one from Côtes-d’Armor were, in November and December, to create small sports sessions, with action verbs given by the club. To jump, turn, run and recover were the verbs attributed to the Pleudihennaise school.

“Until the end of the school year, the football club will transmit the sessions of the other schools”, explains Jérémy Mellouët, teacher of CM2.

These sports activities aim to improve the health of the pupils as well as their attention in class. For this operation, Stade Rennes offered two footballs to schoolchildren.

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