In Morlaix, four jazz concerts are scheduled by the association Get Open – Morlaix

The Get Open association had invited amateurs to the Barge de Morlaix last week to present the program for its second season under the sign of discovery. Resolutely 100% voluntary, the association continues its nomadic route on the paths of jazz with small prices.

They travel light, multiplying encounters in welcoming places (the Barge, the MJC, the Sew or the Virgule) which, like them, favor conviviality, artistic rigor, quality of listening and proximity. And it works: the public asks for more and the musicians too!

Tarzan Tarzan will perform twice

“We love discovery and our first concert is emblematic of this state of mind. The Atlantique Jazz Festival has programmed the duo Tarzan Tarzan for two concerts. We are partners in this operation which will also see the musicians intervene at the Collège du Château”, explain Bertrand Crispils, Franck Chanu, Maële Crispils and Mathieu Cardyn, the members of the office.

Tarzan Tarzan will perform on October 8, with a first concert, acoustic, ambulatory and free of charge, at La Virgule in the afternoon, then a second, electric and in the evening, in the blue room of La Salamandre.

Cap on the Barge and the MJC

“On November 26, we welcome the trio of trombonist Samuel Blaser who played for our first concert with our godfather, guitarist Marc Ducret. He had liked the atmosphere of the Barge so much that he is coming back to it, again with Marc Ducret, but in a very different formula. »

On January 14, head for the MJC, another favorite place of Get Open. Guitarist David Chevalier will present his new project « Curiosity ». And Bertrand Crispils to clarify: “We had it in mind from the start! »

Finally, on May 6, Baptiste Boiron will give the last concert of the season at La Barge. “We knew his two musicians who are exceptional. However, Baptiste came to our first concert last year… Then finally to all the others! “Another dating story that bears fruit!


Membership to Get Open: €5. Concert prices: 12/9/6 €. €36 for the four concerts.

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