In MLS, all clubs will play with a jersey made from recycled material

It is now a habit, the MLS is committed to the fight for the oceans and has just unveiled its new PRIMEBLUE collection with Parley For The Oceans.

Like every season, Major League Soccer (MLS) will exchange its everyday jerseys for a special collection linked to the preservation of the oceans and the ecological ambition more generally. In collaboration with adidas, which is the official and sole supplier of the North American competition, the various franchises of the MLS presented the new jerseys which will be used on May 29 and 30. Outfits made with the PRIMEBLUE technology of the three-stripe brand.

Recycled polyester jerseys for the MLS

In recent days and the first presentations of the 2021-2022 jerseys, the term recycled polyester keeps coming back, regardless of the supplier behind the jersey. If in the past, brands were not present in this market, they are now all aware of this concept of recycled material and adidas can count on its experience and on its historical relationship with Parley for the Oceans to carry high. the colors of the concept of eco-responsibility.

For the third year in a row, all Major League Soccer franchises will therefore play the game using a very special collection during the next day of the championship. Obviously made by adidas, these jerseys come in two different colors and are therefore only different by the crest of the franchise and its main sponsor. Dark blue on one side, white and sky blue on the other, the jerseys will otherwise be identical on all MLS grounds up to the color level of the sponsors who will also play the game for the occasion. Highlighting the PRIMEBLUE design technology which is increasingly used by adidas on its jerseys, this operation will both be associated with the World Oceans Day which will take place on June 8 and will also be the occasion for adidas to prove that it is an equipment manufacturer committed to this eco-responsibility approach.

Major League Soccer PRIMEBLUE jerseys

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