in La Châtre, Vincent Fernandez opens a second sports hall


Ending his professional career, Vincent Fernandez opened a gym in the Forum area in Poinçonnet in 2014. She knew great progress until the health crisis. To date, she still has not regained the number of subscribers she had before the Covid. “Habits have been lost, especially among people who exercised to stay in good shape and preserve their health.”, notes Vincent Fernandez.

At the same time, sports hall signs have multiplied in the Castelroussine conurbation. Vincent Fernandez believes that there is unfair competition because some of these rooms do not have qualified coaches: “We are in service delivery. Our coaches are there to bring their experience, supervise our subscribers and accompany them on personalized programs.

A gym closed since 2020

At the start of the year, the former Berri goalkeeper has set himself a new challenge: relaunch the gym located in the commercial area of ​​La Châtre and closed in June 2020.”There is real potential to be redeveloped, he explains. People told me there was a wait. Some traveled 40 km to go for sports. Given the price of fuel, it increased the cost of their subscription. We wanted to open as soon as possible.

The room reopened Monday, May 16. It has three spaces : a room with a cardio and bodybuilding platform with a park of machines, a room with a park of bicycles and virtual lessons to start – pending the planned recruitment of coaches – and a room for lessons. It is his son, Esteban, a qualified instructor specializing in crossfit and athletic strength, who will manage the room.


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