In India, a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo sows discord

Sixty years after the liberation of the state of Goa by Indian forces against Portugal, the installation of this statue is going badly, reports the BBC.


The statue installed to pass a message to young people is considered, by some, as an insult.
The statue installed to pass a message to young people is considered, by some, as an insult.

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En India, in Goa, football is king. This state, located in the east of the country, has, since 2014, one of the ten franchises of the Indian Super League, the highest Indian level, which won the title in 2020. While the national sport remains the cricket, the state of Goa is particularly attracted to football. In the wake of the popular wave aroused by the round ball, the local authorities have decided to install a statue bearing the image of one of the biggest stars in world football, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The stated objective was, as reported by the BBC, to establish a real source of inspiration for the youngest so that they push football even further upwards. But the symbol is struggling to pass, sixty years after the resumption of the state in question during the invasion of Goa, an offensive by the Indian armed forces on what was left of the Portuguese colonial empire. We particularly regret that a local football figure was not considered a priority.

An “insult” for liberation fighters

According to the BBC, the inauguration of the statue was marred by the arrival of demonstrators carrying black flags. In Goa, many people have ties to Portugal given the still recent colonial past, and the national team is still very popular there.

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But the installation of this statue a few days after the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the state (18 and 19 December 1961, 14 years after the independence of the rest of India from the United Kingdom) has trouble passing. According to the protesters, “many freedom fighters in Goa felt insulted”.

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