In Guipavas, Julien Riotteau crowned French futnet champion – Guipavas

What is futnet?

“It is a derivative of football and tennis which is played on a field the size of a volleyball court and can also be called ball tennis. This discipline is practiced solo, in pairs or in threes. As with tennis, the court is separated in two by a net and the ball. The ball must not bounce more than once”.

How do you practice this sport?

“In Guipavas, I am responsible for the section. I practice solo, in duo with my brother Baptiste and in trio. I started in 2017, I have already been champion of France in the junior category, in the under 21s. This year, I participated in three championships: two in the first division (solo and two-player) and one in the third division with the three-player team”.

The end of the season is coming. Can we already take stock?

“Yes, solo, it’s over. I won the elite French Cup final ten days ago in Olonne-sur-Mer (85) against Jérémy Caramelle with a score of two sets to zero (11-7, 11-7). This is the highest category: there is a category below with a different rule: in solo, rookie category, it is possible to have the right to two bounces of the ball. As a duo, we ended up winning a ticket with my brother for the final – which will take place in Corsica – but we will not be going there. And finally, in a three-way game, we are at the top of our West Zone pool in Division 3 and we hope to move up to Division 2. There is one day left in the championship. For next year, we should be able to create a second team and I aim to expand the futnet squad”.


Futnet discovery, Julien Riotteau, tel. 06 38 25 69 18.

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