In fury, Luka Doncic stalls a basket of the future in peace!

Present for the start of the Euro in a few days, Luka Doncic is expected at the turn by the fans of Slovenia. He will have to put up a great competition if he wants to win gold, especially since he will have a turbulent return to Dallas in the process. But rest assured, the player is doing very well, as evidenced by his recent totally crazy basket in training.

Already considered one of the best players in the league, at only 23 years old, Luka Doncic is preparing to play for the title with his Mavericks in a few weeks. But before returning to the USA side, the Slovenian has a Euro to play, where he hopes to win gold with Goran Dragic in his team. However, there is relatively strong competition, as of the recent duel between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic.

Luka Doncic is still loose in training!

Nothing to scare Doncic, who may be in the shape of his life. He lost weight at the start of the summer in hopes of realizing his full potential. Given his recent performances on the floor, we can say that it is successful, whether we are in a match or in training. A fan managed to capture a basket from the Slovenian before a game, from the other end of the floor. And of course, it fits.

It’s obviously not a shot the player will attempt in a match, but it’s still good for confidence. This is proof that Doncic is feeling better and better before the start of the Euro, which can clearly scare the competition. More physically sharp, we are in any case curious to see the Slovenian at work, he who only aspires to gold for the upcoming competition. Any other result will be considered a failure.

Earlier in the week, Luka had wandered against Estonia, proof of his current form. Suffice to say that we are impatient to find the monster on a parquet floor:

Everything is rolling for Luka Doncic, who continues to martyr his opponents on the floor, or in training. This basket from the other end of the field is the proof, and announces a great competition for the number 77. So much the better for Slovenia, which dreams of gold.

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