In full rumors, the enormous troll of Ben Simmons!

While his name is mentioned everywhere in the rumors, Ben Simmons decided to have a little fun of it all. On Instagram, the Australian posted a photo, just to amuse the gallery. He hasn’t lost his sense of humor at least.

It’s not really what we can consider a secret in the NBA for some time now: Ben Simmons is not a happy person in the Sixers. A sentence from Doc Rivers seems to have motivated him to ask for his trade, which didn’t really bother his frankness. Daryl Morey has been trying for several weeks already, but without really meeting with real success.

At the same time, Morey is not known to be gentle in business. Any team interested in Simmons’ talents? Well, she’ll have to pay the price though. We are talking about a James Harden counterpart, which franchises do not want. Latest? The Warriors, who quickly hung up the phone.

The problem is, time is limited. Training camp is approaching, and everyone is hoping that this soap opera will be wrapped up by then. Otherwise, Simmons could skip the event in order to force the hand of its leaders. He would expose himself to sanctions, which does not bother his clan judging by their last outing.

Either way, we were curious to know more about Simmons’ position on the subject. That’s good, this Monday on Instagram, the Australian posted a pretty funny photo. We can see him passing by the barber for a new haircut, and with a rather funny cape: the logos of the 30 NBA franchises. No doubt a way to say that a trade is waiting for it …

Ben Simmons on Instagram yesterday 😂💀

Small hidden message from Ben Simmons, who no doubt hopes to be exchanged soon. However, the Sixers are serene in the image of Daryl Morey. For the Australian, he will have to be patient again …

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