In Douarnenez, Baie des Plumes has found its formula – Douarnenez

“The fifth was the good one”. Saturday, August 6, in Douarnenez, the smiles of the few volunteers at the Baie des Plumes Book and Poetry Fair showed a certain relief. It took five beautiful editions to unearth « the formula », according to Marie-Claire Garnier, treasurer. The right equation that both keeps its promises and arouses the curiosity of a large audience. A surge of satisfaction which will also be explained by the magnificent weather this year.

“We entered a village”

Among the great successes, we can cite the reading appointments, at the Salle des Gréements, or at the Saint-Denys boat in the Port-Musée, or even at the Saint-Michel chapel, which will have met an informed and loyal public. Twenty poets will have given voice in these places. Another positive point: the Bamba Way concert, the writing or poster creation workshops that also marked this edition, as well as the highlighting of the slam, which the association will continue to promote during stages open to all. in autumn. Installed on the Place de l’Enfer, the barnum of 200 m2, housing 21 out of 23 publishers and their book stalls, will have everyone in agreement. « It will have given more the impression that we were entering a small village or a labyrinth more than in a book hall », welcomes the treasurer.

You only had to see the variety of publishers who came this year, and above all the diversity of their geographical origins. South of France (Éditions Jacques-Brémond, La Boucherie littéraire, Éditions de l’Aigrette) or Great West (Les Hauts-Fonds in Brest, Raz Éditions in Santec), many poetic terroirs were represented. « It’s that word of mouth works in the middle, » welcomes Ali Saad. Next year, the team intends to integrate into this panorama of small children’s publishing houses.

“Douarnenez is a poem”

However, there is no question of becoming “a big machine”: the volunteers of the Poèmes bleus association want this event to remain on a “human scale”. However, Ali Saad does not exclude that the show, with a base of around twenty volunteers, is still maturing: “Eventually, we should have an employee to coordinate the organization”.

For the artistic director of Baie des Plumes, this will only be one more step to perfect the holding of this meeting. The one they consider to be the « flagship » moment of their annual events, in the heart of a city they love so much. Because Ali Saad is certain: “Douarnenez is a poem”.

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