In difficulty, Russell Westbrook receives a big pressure from a Laker!

Despite rumors for months, Russell Westbrook should finally stay one more season with the Lakers. Darvin Ham, the new coach, seems to have confirmed it at a press conference, he who is counting on the leader for next year. The perfect moment for him to stall a little bit of pressure, since Brodie like everyone else will have to make sacrifices.

As a new page begins with the Lakers, many are still wondering if Russell Westbrook will be part of it. Everything suggests that yes, since Darvin Ham, the new coach, has confirmed betting on the leader for the next season. A real desire from the coach to keep him, since he qualifies him as « one of the best players in the league ». Not sure everyone agrees with that statement, but the former Bucks assistant is pretty confident for the future.

The big update about Westbrook!

It must be said that Russ will not be able to come out with a worse season than the last. Ham intends to allow him to react and return to the front of the stage, but the interested party will also have to play the game. During his introduction to the press, the coach did not hesitate to highlight the qualities of Russian. However, there will be sacrifices to be made on the floor, at least if the Lakers want to win.

I expect him to be the same tough player on the court, giving all his energy on the court, as during his entire career. He will have to make efforts, sometimes without the ball in his hands, sometimes in defense. It is sacrifice. It’s not possible to accomplish anything without players learning to give their all and share the workload, rather than going 1v1.

A big update for Westbrook, who will have to learn to live without the ball. He’ll probably have his own moments, of course, but this is proof that Ham wants change in the Lakers’ game. We can imagine that Russ will be used as a screen player on certain sequences in attack, or as someone able to cut the lines to slip towards the circle: the possibilities exist and are numerous.

However, this message is not intended only for Russell. To tell the truth, and if the Angelinos really want to win, it is all the players who are concerned by this speech:

There is a saying that goes “facts before feelings”. Once you see the video, it’s a fact. You missed your mission, and it is important to point the finger. Because if I can’t tell one of the Big 3, or a rotation or bench player, then they’re not going to take it seriously.

The tone is set for Ham, who wants change at the Lakers. Players are warned: everyone will have to get involved, and in all areas of the game.

Darvin Ham is already making his presence felt, and as much to say that no one is safe with the Lakers at present. To play, to be on the floor, you will have to give the maximum, whether in attack or in defense. We hope that the players have received the message, because if not, it will be the door.

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