in Dieppe, the kite goes green



Seine-Maritime: in Dieppe, the kite goes green
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The kite festival is making a comeback in Dieppe, in Seine-Maritime, from September 10 to 18. The event goes green, with participants concerned about preserving the planet.

A yellow sail of 8 square meters, in the sky of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), does not resemble any other kite. This one has a utility: it produces electricity. « The transmission of energy is done only by belt, that is to say the single wire of the wind turbine is replaced by a double wire, and on the ground, we will drive the generator to make current »explains Dominique Rochier, the co-founder of Kitewinder.

This mini wind turbine is lifted and held in the air by a kite. Dominique Rochier took six years to perfect it. Its prototype is now used in Africa to facilitate access to water, or by extreme campers. It allows you to get light, charge your phone or laptop, or even cook. Andrés Ramirez Valencia, from Colombia, presented kites made from waste collected by schoolchildren.

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