In Coëtmieux, Mireille Lestoux resigns from the presidency of Coët Sport – Coëtmieux

Thursday, November 18, Mireille Lestoux, president of Coët Sport, in Coëtmieux, brought together the 70 members of the association in a general assembly. In 2021, the club succeeded in mobilizing its members with brisk walking, hiking and outdoor gym classes. The club’s finances are healthy, and the office has even reduced the walking fee to € 10 instead of € 15; and that of the gym at 30 € instead of 45 € for regulars. Coët Sport plans a one-day outing in the Gulf of Morbihan, and intends to participate in the Telethon 2021. At the end of the meeting, the president resigned, while remaining at the club. A new enlarged board will be elected soon.

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