In Clécy, the retired sports teacher drank « a bottle of wine every night » and hit his wife

Court of Caen Illustration
The Caen Criminal Court sentenced a resident of Clécy (Calvados) for being violent with his wife. ©Freedom

the Criminal Court of Caen condemned this Tuesday, November 29, 2022 a former sports teacher from 71 years to three months suspended prison sentence for the “ domestic violence “that he had committed on his wife in Clécy (Calvados) between August 2018 and March 2022.

“Recurrent violence”…”for a few years”

It was in fact reproached to Johnny X, who exercised at the Lemonnier high school of Caen, violence against his wife Brigitte X. She had filed a complaint against him on March 2, 2022 at the gendarmerie of Hom complaining of “recurring violence” that she had suffered « for a few years ».

The judges finally retained only one scene, dated August 1, 2022: Johnny X had noticed that day that he  » a post-it was missing on a frame in his room where his wife said « apologize » and « regret his behavior ».

While she was in the toilet “door open” with “her pajama bottoms on her feet”, he had therefore taken her out manu militari and had “kicked her in the buttocks”, she had related.

He had « dragged her on the ground by the arm to her room » shouting at her, before threatening her to « disassemble the mouth » by pressing her « fist to her cheek » while she was still on the ground. At the bar, weak, the victim expressed the « feeling of humiliation » and the  » fear which had crossed her.

She showed him her « null ass as a provocation »

The former sports teacher certifies that he only gave his wife a « little kick in the buttocks » because she had left the toilet showing him her « bare ass as a provocation ». Besides this missing post-it story, Johnny X also wanted to know why his « drawers had also been opened » and that some of them hadcases had « disappeared ».

His wife had nevertheless been prescribed ten days off from work. Another medical certificate from a medico-judicial unit (UMJ) had noted a “psychological impact”. She indicated that she was undergoing psychological violence for several years », felt « exhausted, extinguished » and had « had to change her way of being ».

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The victim had also separated « four times » from her husband before returning because  » she was financially dependent” from him. In addition to her reproaches and insults, she had complained about her alcohol consumption: the former sports teacher  » drinks a bottle of wine every night”.

The couple, in the grip of « tensions », thus made « room apart » and did not « communicate more than SMS“. A privileged mode of communication « to avoid being interrupted », according to the retiree, and which suited the victim because she had embarked on « therapeutic writing ».

“A distinguished sports teacher”

Brigitte X’s lawyer denounced a  » deleterious relationship“, marked by the “progressive isolation” created by her husband. She had demanded the maintenance of the “prohibition of contact” pronounced within the framework of the judicial review: her client was “particularly shocked” and is “ followed by two psychologists when she had already known violent spouses.

The public prosecutor for his part pointed out that the septuagenarian had « firmly denied the habitual nature of the violence and his alcoholism », the victim « shows no vehemence or anger towards him and does not have vindictive behavior « . The magistrate therefore requested a sentence of ten months suspended sentence.

Johnny X’s lawyer, Me Sabrina Joutet, indicated for her part that her client had been « married for thirty-seven years » before this relationship and that he had been « a emeritus sports teacher who had 40/40 on his evaluations”.

“He was held for 48 hours in police custody, he is devastatedis completely lost and flabbergasted at this ugly portrayal of him,” she said.

She had therefore pleaded for her release, or at the very least that her sentence be « reviewed in fairer proportions ». His client had finally « apologized » for the « little kick given » and assured that he had  » never assaulted anyone [sa] life « . The judges nevertheless sentenced him to a three-month suspended prison sentence; he will also have to pay €800 in damages to his wife and €850 in legal costs. They also forbade him to contact her again for two years.

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