in Châteauroux, the former footballer Richard Samnick has just opened a sports hall

At 28, Richard Samnick ended his professional football career. Trained at PSG, he passed through the Berri from 2015 to 2018. In March 2020, the end of the championships while he was playing at the Quevilly-Rouen club marked the start of a long period of inactivity for him.

Return to Châteauroux

The health context weighed in his decision. “The situation forced me to quit earlier than expected. With the Covid, I no longer had a proposal, he explains. I came back to Châteauroux with my wife, who is from there. Our daughter started school. It was complicated to move everyone again. So I decided to stay in Châteauroux by developing something new there. ”

In Quevilly, Richard Samnick discovered sport by electrostimulation, a concept that has mainly developed in the Paris region and in the south. He contacted the Time Fit franchisor to create a room in Châteauroux. It opened on December 18 at n ° 20, avenue de La Châtre. The brand plans about twenty rooms of the same kind in France by the end of the year.

Time Fit aims a clientele who do not usually go to gyms but are looking for a solution for fitness, fat loss and muscle toning. It is also aimed at athletes for preparation and muscle recovery.

A suit equipped with electrodes

Accompanied by a coach, 20-minute sessions per week are practiced with a combination equipped with electrodes that send impulses with each movement. “Electrostimulation works the main muscle groups by getting 100% of the deep fiber ”, specifies Richard Samnick. The number of sessions varies according to the objectives of each one. The room can only accommodate two people at a time.

A possible closure linked to the evolution of the health situation does not particularly worry the former footballer : “We tried to prepare everything. The equipment is easily transportable, you can do coaching at home or remotely.”Attendance is off to a good start, it benefits from the good resolutions at the start of the year.

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