In Bratislava, Macron formulates a very NATO-compatible European architecture


Finished, the small vexatious sentences which had the gift of pointing the countries of central Europe. On the eve of a pan-European summit in Moldova supposed to show continental unity in the face of the Russian threat, Emmanuel Macron took advantage of the Globsec forum in Bratislava in Slovakia to multiply the signs of understanding vis-à-vis Eastern partners .

Half-word mea culpa

Faced with an audience very attached to the Atlantic Alliance and to American support, there is no question of repeating that NATO is in a state of  » brain death « which should not be « humiliate » Vladimir Putin, or that we also need security guarantees for Russia. Quite the contrary. Regarding NATO, “Vladimir Putin woke her up with the worst electroshock,” he pointed out, referring to the invasion of Ukraine.

Between the lines of his speech, a mea culpa on the past attitude of Paris towards the countries which knew the Soviet domination. To Jacques Chirac’s famous phrase which left its mark, “these countries have lost a good opportunity to be silent”, criticizing the support provided to the United States on Iraq by the countries of Eastern Europe, Emmanuel Macron opposes a France which “lost opportunities to listen”.

Enlargement, new method

The French Head of State also finds an attentive ear, on the eve of the summit of the European Political Community (EPC), an entity which he himself imagined and which is to bring together in Moldova some twenty neighboring countries with very disparate, in addition to the 27 EU Member States.

Emmanuel Macron defended this idea of ​​bringing the continent together as a means of“invent several formats” cooperation, in particular to meet membership aspirations in Eastern Europe (Western Balkans, Moldova, Ukraine). In Chisinau, the French president wants to highlight the defense agreements. He made it known that he intended to propose a “European cyber reserve” to protect themselves from cyberattacks to which Ukraine is accustomed.

Emmanuel Macron also said that Westerners should provide pledges to Ukraine, by being “much more ambitious” than so far. « This will be the subject of collective discussions in the coming weeks », from here to the NATO summit in July in Vilnius. According to him, Ukraine “Protect Europe” to this day, and she is « equipped with so many armaments » it’s in the western interest « that it has credible security guarantees with us in a multilateral framework ».

« I don’t want to replace NATO »

On the Europe of defense, the French president had to compete with precautions, to evacuate the « fantasies » on his intentions: “I don’t want to replace NATO with I don’t know what sort of Franco-German condominium, no! » He advocates a security architecture that makes “European pillar within NATO”but with Europeans who are acquiring a“deep strike ability” and who buy European weapons as a priority. It is finally the only criticism addressed in hollow to the countries of central Europe, like Poland, which buy massively American.


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