In a galley, Anthony Davis persists and nags

Like the Lakers, Anthony Davis is having a tough start to the season in one specific area. However, he says he does not intend to change anything …

Clearly, nothing seems easy for the Lakers on this first quarter of the year. In addition to their record (11-11) at best in balance in recent days, Frank Vogel’s men see their stars in difficulty. Because while Russell Westbrook struggled to adapt to his new team, and LeBron James went through stays in the infirmary, Anthony davis failed to wear the franchise.

While the holder of good averages (24.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, 51.7% shooting), the Unibrow is indeed abandoned since the start of the season by… his shoot. Never really considered a great threat from afar, it nevertheless represented a certain danger at mid-distance. However, all these labels had shied away from him until now, as his statistics marvelously reported just a few hours ago.

Anthony Davis this season:

16.7% at three points – the worst% in NBA history among players with more than 2 attempts per game and more than 20 games played.
38.3% at half distance – worst% among NBA players with more than 100 attempts.
33.1% on jumpshots – the worst% in the NBA among players with over 150 attempts.

Anthony Davis perseveres with his shot

To the delight of its partners, AD however found its address this Sunday, when it came to facing the Pistons. Following his good shooting performance (10/15, 2/2 behind the arc), the interior star has also reaffirmed that he did not intend to change his game, whatever his numbers!

It is just a story of trust and perseverance. You know the season is long. I will continue to shoot at 3 points, whether it fits or not. I think that opens the way for my teammates, and that it allows them to drive. And that also opens it for me. The opponents continue to defend me at 3 points, so that gives me access to painting. But I’m just trying to be effective in any area of ​​the floor. And tonight, it came back.

No offense to a league legend, the Brow should therefore not reduce its number of attempts from the parking lot anytime soon!

Criticized for his dubious percentages away from the basket, Anthony Davis remains confident in himself and in his shot. If he continues in the tradition of his last outing, no one will blame him, especially at the Lakers!

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