In a delicate situation, Evan Fournier tells his cash truth

Very irregular for his debut in New York, Evan Fournier has just experienced a sacred crossing of the desert. He also addressed the situation recently, explaining where he was. As usual, he was direct, without taking gloves.

He may have had an excellent game against the Rockets, Evan Fournier did not leave the inn, however. The international tricolor comes out of a rather complicated period, following his arrival at the Knicks. His performance against the Texans was simply his best since… the Opening Night against Boston, just that. Between the two, 15 frankly average meetings from the rear.

Results, he literally finds himself on the sidelines at the end of the game, even though he played five minutes of money time against Houston. Is he so angry? Not against New York, anyway. Asked at a press conference, More Champagne did not go by four ways: it is up to him alone to raise the bar. He actually explained how he imagined finding a solution to the present situation:

Evan Fournier: « I can’t play like before »

The way I see it is that I can’t play like I used to with other teams anymore, knowing that I’m going to play 32 minutes at least. I know where my shots are coming from, I know how things are going to turn out for me and I can walk into the game knowing what to expect.

Historically I have been good in the fourth quarters and now that I am no longer playing in the fourth quarter I have to add something early on. With the current situation, I don’t know how many minutes I’m going to play. So I have to tell myself that if I have to play 20 minutes, I have to come out of the field with extreme energy, be very alert, try to be ultra-aggressive and try to have an impact.

Being aggressive means everything. I just gave to do the little things. When you don’t have the ball, especially for a player who plays well with the ball, I have to find opportunities. How do I create movement just by running or missing a screen or sliding or something like that?

The procedure is given, it is up to him to join the words to the actions. The good news is that the season is still long with 65 regular season games to go. The Frenchy therefore has time to do what is necessary, and above all to become an essential player for the Knickerbockers again. The latter being still in the Top 5 in the East, there is no need to panic for the moment either. However, it would be better if he got back in the saddle for good as soon as possible.

Evan Fournier does not hide it, he knows perfectly well that he will have to adapt quickly to his situation. The right mentality is already there, it’s a start. The Knicks will in any case need a top Vavane, once the playoffs have arrived.

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