“Impossible to overtake”… French reactions after the race

There was no miracle this Sunday for the race of the two Frenchmen Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna. For this fourth round of the season, the two drivers made the fresh from a missed qualification on Friday, which complicated the rest of the weekend.

After a good start to the race and a few places gained since the 16and grid position, Esteban Ocon battled for a long time on the points gate, but an incident in the pit lane with Lewis Hamilton cost him a five-second penalty at the finish, he eventually finished 14and.

Esteban Ocon, at the microphone of Canal +: “We took a penalty for unsafe release (not enough vigilance when leaving the pit stop space, editor’s note). We weren’t far from the points, we weren’t missing much, if we didn’t have this penalty we were 11th, it was playable but we lacked a little bit of speed to go and try to put the pressure on a little more about Lance. We degraded the tires a lot at the end, that’s what we missed. He missed this weekend, not on Fernando’s side so that was good, in qualifying he is still P5 so it’s solid. In the race we have a degradation of the tires for the end which is a little annoying. But we will have new pieces in Miami and we hope that will bring us performance. »

« The lesson is that you must not fail in qualifying »

For his part, Pierre Gasly struggled for much of the race with Alexander Albon and Lewis Hamilton for the 12and square. If he managed to resist the seven-time world champion until the end, the French driver regrets having achieved a bad qualification, which according to him conditioned the rest of the weekend. He finishes 13andwhile on the other side of the box, his teammate Yuki Tsunoda signs a nice 7and square.

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Pierre Gasly, at the microphone of Canal +: “The lesson is that you shouldn’t miss out on qualifying because that put the weekend upside down a bit. Afterwards, in the race, there was Lewis who was blocked behind me, I was blocked behind the car in front and it’s true that with the speed we had it was impossible to overtake. We tried to do the best we could. After that it’s a track where, if you don’t have the top speed, it’s very difficult to overtake and you won’t have to miss out on qualifying for the next races. »

F1. Emilia-Romagna GP: “Impossible to overtake”… French reactions after the race

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