Imminent departure for Kyrie Irving? His viral message on social networks!

Brooklyn is in total chaos, and Kyrie Irving takes the opportunity to add a little more oil to the fire. His latest Twitter post is indeed clear: the New York superstar wants to set sail. What decide its leaders to exchange it for good?

Definitely, this summer promises to be particularly eventful for Kyrie Irving. First available for a transfer after failing to negotiate a new contract with the Nets, the matter was thought to be settled when he agreed to activate his option for 2022-23. Except that the trade request made by Kevin Durant has turned upside down the plans of the franchise, whose workforce could well explode in the days to come.

As a result, a departure from Uncle Drew is again to be considered this summer, if the front office first manages to finalize a deal to send the Slim Reaper elsewhere. So it never stops… but according to the communication from the former Cavalier, it’s not at all to displease him. Usually a fan of cryptic statements on social networks, he still inflamed Twitter with a simple GIF. But this one seems pretty self-explanatory for once:

Kyrie, a “bird in a cage” at the Nets

Clearly, Kai considers himself a bird locked in a cage in Brooklyn, and is just waiting to be freed so he can fly to other horizons. A way of saying that he absolutely no longer wants to stay in the New York superteam… and to force his transfer a little more? Unsurprisingly, fans of the competition jumped at the chance to start a seduction operation with him. We find there mainly those of the Lakers, who dream of seeing him associated again with LeBron James :

Don’t worry, we’ll set you free

Kyrie Irving wants to leave the Nets more than ever now that the squad is about to implode. It remains to be seen if he will end up at the Lakers, or if the Blacks and Whites have a very bad surprise in store for him by sending him elsewhere.

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