« I’m trying to do my job! »

His employers can’t complain, the job is done. Well ! Geoffray Durbant, number 9 of Stade Lavallois, is the top scorer in the National Championship. Twelve goals mid-season, the rookie of the summer still shines in the heart of winter. He may have run the opposing defenses, he agreed to take a break in this #USBFOOT number.

Before putting down his crampons in Mayenne, Geoffray Durbant made a few laces. The native of Bondy, trained at Red Star, had known 9 clubs – Red Star, US Roye, AS Vitré, UJA Maccabi, CMS Oissel, FC Dieppe, US Lusitanos, CS Sedan, Bastia-Borgo – before arriving last summer at Laval Stadium.

A route that some might see as winding. But it’s not as simple as that:one year contracts (as is often the case in National), it’s fine, we also have to stabilize ». The Mayenne club really wanted it. He offers him a 2+1, which is not a new game system, but a proposal that the Guadeloupean could not refuse.

I preferred to choose a club that had a history, an experience, where I felt that everyone wanted me. There was also this contract, 2+1, (2 years plus an optional year), that’s what I was waiting for

Geoffray Durbant – Forward of Stade Lavallois

And the people of Mayenne have nothing to complain about. The Guadeloupean has some fine stats, 12 goals in 17 matches, which makes him the top scorer in the National Championship, a status he shares with Concarneau striker Farid El-Khoumisti. 6 goals with the right foot, one with the left, 5 with the head, Geoffray Durbant is running at full speed

I try to do my job, I have this goalscoring instinct, to be placed in the right place at the right time

Geoffray Durbant – Stade Lavallois striker

At 29, Geoffray Durbant therefore has his life centered on the ball, a life he shares with Anne-Cécille Ciofani, rugby 7s player, Olympic vice-champion with the French team last summer in Tokyo and recently voted best player in the world. And in passing made a small announcement: « We’re getting married in June« .

In this #USBFOOT issue, we therefore look back on the career of Geoffray Durbant, with a small detour to Guadeloupe, before addressing the ambitions of Stade Lavallois, 4th in the National and still in the race for a rise in Ligue 2.

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And since the prolific striker from Stade Lavallois wears number 9, this is an opportunity – no pun intended – to take an interest in this famous position. This is the quirky editorial of this #USBFOOT

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