« I’m sorry for the 1st or 2nd in the West if we are in the play-in »

Chaining the big defeats outside (5 in 6 games) and deprived of Stephen Curry, the Warriors are currently in great trouble. An undeniable fact that Draymond Green can not deny, but the loudmouth of Golden State still believes in the chances of the champion to compete with the best in the West.

15 wins – 18 losses, 11th place in the West. If we had been told at the start of the season that this record would be that of the Warriors at Christmas, we would not have believed it.

However, this is where Steve Kerr’s men are today, those who took 36 then 30 pawns in the mouth in recent days against New York and Brooklyn. Necessarily worrying defeats for the defending champion, because even if the infirmary is full (Stephen Curry therefore, but also Andrew Wiggins, Donte DiVincenzo, JaMychal Green, or even Klay Thompson who did not play the last match) we at least expect the Warriors to come up with something cohesive.

However, it is also these absences that leave hope to the Dub Nation as to the ability of Golden State to regain its standing. And Draymond Green is already keen to warn competition in the West: if the Warriors finish between places 7-10 at the end of the regular, synonymous with participation in the play-in tournament, there will be danger for the leaders of the conference. .

“I’m sorry for the 1st or 2nd in the West if we’re in the play-in. Is Steph Curry still on the team? Clay Thompson? Me ? Wiggins? Looney? Jordan Poole? I think it will. Honestly, if I was first or second, I wouldn’t want to face such a team.”

Confidence of the champion or overconfidence? The future will tell.

On the one hand, yes, when all the guys Draymond cites are operational, Golden State remains one of the most formidable machines in the NBA. And we learned never to bury the Warriors no matter what. However, we also saw before Stephen Curry’s injury that the defending champion was in big trouble (especially in defense) as soon as the executives rested on the benchenough to raise serious doubts about the depth of the workforce.

It is for this reason that we will be watching the Warriors more and more as we approach the February trade deadline, where Golden State will undoubtedly seek to strengthen its bench with role players from experience. But until that deadline and Curry’s return, the defending champion is still going to have to put on a better face or else there might not be a play-in at all…

“Mentally fragile” to use the words of Draymond Green, the Warriors clearly have their heads under water right now. And Draymond realizes Golden State’s current issues go beyond injuries. But Green remains confident in his group: in full and in a cleaver match, he knows that the Dubs can compete with anyone.

Text source: ESPN

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