« I’m going to play with LeBron and Davis? No no, they are the ones who are going to play with me”

Play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis in one of the most illustrious franchises in NBA history? In the league, dozens of players would dream of it, and would do anything to achieve it. But one of them sees things in a different way… and a little disconcerting!

If the respective future of LeBron James and Anthony Davis was briefly called into question over the summer, there was never really any doubt that the two men would return for the coming season, to recover together from a disastrous 2021-22 campaign. The question was obviously what squad would surround the magical duo, and while Russell Westbrook hasn’t been cleared as desired, fresh blood has arrived in droves.

Beyond Lonnie Walker, Thomas Bryant, Troy Brown and others, the Angelinos’ biggest recruit during the summer is indeed Patrick Beverley. Moreover, Pat Bev did not fail to be noticed from his first press conference in the purple and gold jersey, in particular when he ran into his old rival Westbrook.

Pat Bev cheeky with LeBron and AD

Once installed behind the microphone, Beverley was talked about in several ways. If he annoyed Clippers fans by explaining that being a Laker was much more prestigious, the former Wolves dropped his biggest punchline about LeBron and Davis. A sentence tinged with humor, of course, but which is nonetheless very daring:

Reporter told Pat Beverley: ‘You’re going to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis’

His answer: “No no, they are the ones who are going to play with me. I played in the playoffs last year, and they didn’t. It’s a real difference”.

Let’s hope that this highly publicized outing does not offend Davis and especially LeBron! In fact, in any case, Beverley did play in the playoffs last year. After the qualification of Minnesota in play-in, the leader had also become the laughing stock of the networks for a celebration considered very excessive by many:

At the Lakers or elsewhere, Patrick Beverley does not change: he is not afraid, and he speaks without filter. Be careful all the same not to create too much noise in a locker room in search of balance, and which will need it this season!

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