« I’m better than LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, Bird and Duncan »

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James has received fierce criticism following his latest plaintive tweet, including comparisons to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Keith Allison (CC) / Pierre Haessig / ESPN (DR)

Saying that you are better than sacred monsters such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or Michael Jordan is a particularly risky move that a superstar recently dared. but in his case, the debate has at least the merit of being able to be launched!

Four champion rings, two regular season MVPs and a Finals MVP, twice the league’s top scorer and incidentally the best shooter of all time: to say that Stephen Curry being among the ten greatest players in the history of basketball wouldn’t necessarily have much insane. Especially since if he continues to be as successful, whether at the Warriors or elsewhere, he may well continue to climb the steps to the top.

What is certain is that the last eight years have greatly inflated the confidence of Baby Face in himself, which is for once justified. It is not for nothing that he currently embodies the face of the league! As a result, he is not afraid to put himself forward when compared to other sizes of the orange ball. Recently interviewed by Sports Illustratedhe didn’t do anything wrong when deciding between him and several superstars:

Stephen Curry snubs almost the entire Top 10 all-time

Sports Illustrated : Who is the best, Kobe Or Steph Curry?

Steph Curry : I love you Kobe, but I have to choose myself.

Sports Illustrated : Steph Curry or Tim Duncan?

Stephen Curry : Coach Kerr always likes to compare us and parallel our leadership qualities. But I can also score with the board, Timmy D, so I’ll pick myself.

Sports Illustrated : Steph Curry or Larry Bird?

Stephen Curry : It’s a big shooter contest, but as you’d expect, I’m also winning this one.

Sports Illustrated : Steph Curry or LeBron James ?

Stephen Curry : What do you think ? What do you want me to say ? It’s me.

Sports Illustrated : Steph Curry or Michael Jordan?

Stephen Curry : Mike, I love you man. But it’s me.

We can already hear the fans of the many legends cited howling with anger after this exit from the Chief, outraged that he was able to snub his peers in this way. But when you have a prize list like that of the n°30 as well as such an impact on the game, it is not so surprising that he reasons like this.

Stephen Curry is confident in his strengths, to the point of claiming he’s better than some of the NBA’s All-Time Top 10 in various areas. As for the shoot, hard in any case to question his opinion!

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