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Of the thirty-nine young horses competing in the 3-year-old Selle Français sport, it is a daughter of Panama Tame, Iguana du Lirot, who wins.

We had to wait for the very last event to finally know the winner of this Selle Français 3-year-old sport competition. It is Lirot iguana, bay hen (Panama Tame x Nonstop) who wins this championship with an overall score of 17.34. Very regular in the four workshops, she was able to climb to this first place, ahead of the thirty-nine gelding and hens selected for the event. Note also the excellent score of 18.25 in the free jump for Ibiza from Reversey, bay woman by Balou du Rouet and a mother by Lando, but who has not confirmed this performance in the other workshops. However, she finished sixth.

For two days, the thirty-nine participants were judged on Wednesday in the model and the free jump and on Thursday, in the paces and the mounted jump. Each workshop is scored out of 20, the average is taken at the end of the four tests. The eight best horses were called up by the jury and awarded by the officials. Among them, of course Sylvie Robert, organizer of the Equita Lyon event, Michel Guiot, president of the SHF and the judges.

Results of the first eight:

  1. Iguana du Lirot, Bay filly, by Panama Tame and Cheilane de Blondel x Nonstop, note 17.34 (model 17.90, freedom jump 16.25, gait 17.87 and mounted jump 16.75), belonging to the equestrian center of Pirou-50770 Pirou.
  2. Idéalko de Karca, Chestnut gelding, by Untouchable and Cailandka from Karca x Orlando. Note 17.05 (17.30, 16.37, 17.87, 16.37) to Raymond Maure, 01320 Chalamont.
  3. Il d’Harmonie, H, chestnut by Qlassic Bois Margot and Si Kim Batilly x Burggraaf. 17.00 (16.80, 17.00, 17.00, 17.37) at JF Fichet, 71250 Mazille.
  4. Ixelle de Mancy, F, bay by Géronimo de Baucy and Axelle du Temple x Controe. 16.99 (16.90, 16.75, 17.12, 17.25) at Lycée agricole de Lons le Saunier, 39000.
  5. Iakari de l’Ouze, H, bay by Vagabond de la Pomme and Pacome de l’Ouze x Dollar du Murier. 16.87 (17.80, 15.12, 17.50, 16.12) at Hugues Génin, 01390 Mionnay.
  6. Ibiza from Reversey, F, bay by Balou du Rouet and Brume du Reversey x Lando. 16.79 (16.60, 18.25, 16.12, 16.37), in Gaec du Reversey, 71330 Diconne.
  7. Insomnia Courcelle, F, bay by Mylord Carthago and Troublante Courcelle x Kasmir VS. 16.78 (16.70, 16.87, 17.00, 16.62) at Yves Chauvin, 74130 Gliere Val de Borne.
  8. Insolente Main Bleue, F, bay by Rock’n Roll Semilly and Josette de Vulsain x Alligator Fontaine. 16.75 (16.30, 17.62, 16.12, 17.37).

In Lyon, Philippe Georgé

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