Igor Tudor believes he can compete with the Parisian ogre – Sport.fr

At the dawn of his first Classic against Paris Saint-Germain, Igor Tudor showed his strength. The Croatian believes his men will be able to compete.

“I will answer as I always answer on this subject. We have to take match after match, think about our way of playing and the consequence will be the points and the position in the standings. We fight, as a club fighting for Europe, to be at the highest level. It’s obviously unusual to have a club with such a higher budget, but history teaches us that it’s possible (to compete, editor’s note) but I’m not focusing on that.confided Igor Tudor in a press conference, a few hours before the kick-off of the Classic is officially whistled.

Third in Ligue 1 with 23 points, Olympique de Marseille could strike a blow by winning the Classic which will pit the Olympians against Paris Saint-Germain. A shock for this eleventh day of Ligue 1 which could ignite the rest of the season when a victory for Igor Tudor’s men would place three teams at the top of the championship with 26 points on the clock.

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