If you wanted to buy a Bugatti Chiron or a Bolide, it’s too late!

On the eve of the merger with Rimac Automobili, Bugatti has just announced that all W16-powered hypercars are sold. The Chiron and the Bolide were not long ago the only models still available, but this is no longer the case.

The stock is empty! At the end of October 2021, Bugatti had warned: there are not many Chiron left for sale. At that time, less than 40 copies were still looking for an owner. But this is no longer the case because the tricolor hypercars have all been sold. A total of 150 lucky customers ordered the W16-equipped monster last year, 60% of which were new customers of the Molsheim brand. Of the 150 future owners, 40 of them opted for the Bolide, the most extreme Bugatti of all time. Even though this monster dedicated to track driving was only presented in prototype form last August, the French brand only needed a few months to sell all the order forms.

However, it was still necessary to spend 4 million euros excluding taxes and to be very patient since the first copies will not be available until 2024. But 2021 was a busy year for Bugatti which launched deliveries of the Super Sport 300 + and shipped the famous unique Black Car to its mysterious owner. In addition, all Divos have been returned to their happy owners. Otherwise, Bugatti has also opened a few new showrooms in Tokyo, Singapore, Riyadh and Manchester. As for what Bugatti has in the boxes in 2022, there are still the ten Centodieci examples that will be finalized and shipped to buyers. Deliveries of the Super Sport will begin soon.

And the future?

Of course, 2022 is important for another reason: the new company Bugatti Rimac will start working on new projects. As a reminder, the Rimac group holds 55% of Bugatti shares while the remaining 45% belongs to Porsche.

Bugatti and Rimac both promise to deliver « different and extraordinary vehicles ».

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