« If we get kicked out, we won’t use that as an excuse »

The first round of the playoffs should soon come to an end and some teams find themselves in unexpected positions … But no one is looking for excuses in this context, not even the Lakers. Champions don’t want to hear about one aspect in particular.

Throughout the season, it was fashionable to say that the Lakers would once again become the favorites for the title as soon as Lebron james and Anthony davis would be 100% physically. The worry is that it never happened! Rumors have it that the King is further diminished after his ankle sprain, and AD is hit again!

Moreover, this disturbing propensity to injure oneself has earned a damn humiliating nickname from Charles Barkley. But it is very difficult to prove the Hall of Famer wrong in this matter… Hope for the fans that the gestures of Anthony Davis on the bench during the drop of the match 5 are true !

A few hours from the potential end of the season, some Lakers are starting to speak out in the media. This is for example the case of Dennis Schroder, who took responsibility. As he explains, no excuse will be accepted in the locker room in case of disappointment …

In the end, even if we get kicked out, we will not use absences as an excuse. I know a lot of us have been absent for different reasons, but we have 48 minutes to go. I speak and include myself first in this speech.

Everyone missed games and missed time. It was not easy to go through as a season, but like I said before, going through all this adversity is good for us. Now we have to stick together, everyone has to be focused, we have to have fun, and play hard.

Dennis Schroder takes his responsibilities before this potentially decisive Game 6! Which is relatively reassuring after his historically poor performance in the last defeat of his … In the event of a setback and elimination he will not hide behind the many absences this season, even if it is an important factor. The Lakers may just be weaker than Phoenix …

Lack of pace or not, the Lakers feel strong enough to pass the first round of the playoffs. they will look at themselves in the mirror if they lose to the Suns.

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