If the MLB was inspired by superheroes

Photo by ak47_studios / Instagram

It is said that every human being has a superpower. Failing to find mine, I enjoyed going to see what Mark Avery-Kenny was doing good these days.

Also known by the pseudonym ak47_studios, the Canadian graphic designer has an extraordinary ability to alter the visual identity of professional sports organizations.

Judging by how it manages to merge logos with trendy themes, I call it a superpower. If you are used to the pages of Balle Courbe, you have already seen several of his works, so you know what I’m talking about.

Comic book, Marvel and baseball fanatics, Mark’s newest project is for you. Here are the MLB teams, superhero version.

The Kansas City Gambits:

The Atlanta Ant-Man:

The Chicago Black Panthers:

The Houston Star-Lords:

The San Diego Silver Surfers:

Dr. Strange from Minnesota:

The Toronto Wolverines:

Milwaukee Professor X:

The Thorioles of Baltimore:

The Pittsburgh Ironmen:

The Deadpools of LA:

If Major Baseball interfered in the Marvel Universe, I wouldn’t give a lot of LA Deadpools skin

To see the rest, visit ak47_studios / Instagram

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