« If that happens, we won’t even talk about the GOAT debate anymore, it will be over »

The debate over who is the best player in history still rages on, but a famous analyst thinks 2022-23 could bring it to a close. Indeed, LeBron James would be able to get everyone to agree… provided that two specific events take place.

LeBron James or Michael Jordan? The King or His Airness? Impossible to find a clear answer to the discussion around the GOAT, so many opinions differ on this subject. The two men cited are clearly the names that come up most often among the candidates for this honorary title, but their respective fanbases are obviously unable to grant victory to the other. However, one detail is important: while the ex-Bull is retired and can therefore no longer defend his case, this is not the case for the Laker.

At 37, he continues to let go of the dirty, coming out of an exercise certainly marked by injuries but during which he shot more than 30 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists on average. If the Lakers can finally ride their wave, then Nick Wright thinks the debate could quickly be over. The analyst of Fox Sports bordered on the subject on his podcast recently, stating that LBJ would be arguably the best if they won their fifth career title, as well as breaking a huge record:

Two missions for LeBron to become the GOAT?

I don’t think the Los Angeles Lakers will win the title, and as they currently stand, they can’t win the title. But if, in his 20th season, LeBron doesn’t just pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the all-time leading scorer rankings, which is going to happen in the middle of the year, but he’s doing it playing at the All-NBA level, which he obviously did last year, and that , one way or another, the team wins the title and it is this title that breaks the tie with the Celtics for the most titles in franchise history?

If all of this were to happen, the debate over the best player in history would be a side issue. Then you’d be more like, « Can you believe people were still arguing about this? » They don’t have enough assets to win the title this year unless they add a real difference maker, which they won’t be able to do without getting rid of one or maybe both future picks. .

For this last point, we can answer that LA has finally pulled off a nice coup, trading for Patrick Beverley. So of course, we are far from the superstar who can change everything, but the defense of the veteran will not be too much to help his new team. More generally, it is hard to believe that the Purples and Golds can really get involved in the title race and the Chosen One will therefore certainly have to devote themselves to their individual objective.

Unlike the battle for the Larry O’Brien trophy, this one is much more accessible since if all goes well, L-Train should sit on the throne of the greatest scorers in history before the All-Star Game. . The month of February will be particularly to watch, especially since he could leave KAJ behind him during a match against the Warriors, which would be more appropriate as a backdrop for such an event. Knowing number 6, he would nevertheless especially like to have a new charm on his finger.

By winning the title and overtaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the ranking of all-time leading scorers, LeBron James could definitely become the GOAT according to Nick Wright. Not sure, however, that fans of Michael Jordan share this opinion…

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