« If that happens, it will turn out badly with Ben Simmons »

Officially a Sixers player, Ben Simmons still dreams of being traded before training camp resumes. The Sixers are playing the clock right now, which is a very dangerous game. For a journalist, things could take a very bad turn soon.

After completely missed playoffs, Ben Simmons is in the eye of the storm. Fans no longer want him on the squad, while the point guard is said to be keen on a fresh start. Not happy in Pennsylvania, he even hopes to move before training camp. Otherwise, the Australian could go very far.

Between the Sixers and the star, the rift seems real. The question being: can it be repaired in the event of no trade? We can strongly doubt it. However, a solution may have to be found. With the unreal demand of the leaders, an exchange is far from seeing the light of day.

The situation is pretty clear: Daryl Morey is asking for James Harden-like consideration to sell Simmons, a price the franchises do not want to pay today. No one is fooled, and after his failed playoffs, the Australian does not have the best reputation in the world in the league. For now, this is therefore a status quo.

A version confirmed by journalist Kevin O’Connor:

At the moment, Philly is in “wait and see” mode. They can push through to training camp, but things can go wrong with Ben Simmons. We will hear that Simmons wants to be here and yet …

The Simmons clan has two options: play calm by not asking for a trade in front of the media, or else force their departure. In this specific case, the 76ers would be in trouble to negotiate.

If the rest of the league has public confirmation that Simmons wants to leave, then no one is going to want to give a big payoff. A sledgehammer for the 76ers if that happens, even if nothing is confirmed. However, and if the front office pushes to training camp, it is certainly a risk.

In a month, people will be arriving at the training camp. Even if it is calm today, everything could quickly settle down. The training camp will speed up the discussions.

Ben Simmons at the Sixers, it’s probably over, it remains to be seen when the soap will end. One thing is certain, Philadelphia would take a big risk while waiting for the training camp. Maybe Daryl Morey is playing with fire.

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