If Showtime picks Broadway, Patrick Kane trade to Rangers could come together quickly

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Oh, to be inside the head of Blackhawks icon Patrick Kane. What a 10 days it has been. As you grapple with your legacy in Chicago, you find out that one of your preferred destinations in New York seemingly moved on without you when the Rangers traded for fellow winger Vladimir Tarasenko.

Then you go on a tear, shutting up the naysayers with seven points in four games – a franchise record for a player of your age – not including the near buzzer-beater against Vegas on Tuesday.

And all of a sudden, the team that you thought you might have moved on, is back in the mix. Were they there all along? Was it your recent hot streak that convinced GM Chris Drury to circle back? Either way, the emotional rollercoaster hasn’t yet reached the end of the track, as you haven’t officially decided yet that you’re ready to move on from the only franchise you’ve ever known. But the clock is ticking. And it’s just about decision time.

2023 Trade Deadline Countdown: 8 Days

With just over one week to go, here is our sixth Trade Targets board of 2023 – now up to 50 names in play, including a staggering 17 newcomers. Reminder, the board is a blend of a player’s potential value with his likelihood of a trade:

Trade Targets 🎯

1. Timo Meier
Left Wing, San Jose Sharks
Age: 26
Stats: 57 GP, 31 G, 21 A, 52 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $6 million AAV (due $10 million Qualifying Offer)
Scoop: Meier missed the Sharks’ last game and is questionable for Thursday night with an injury that isn’t believed to be overly serious, but has nonetheless not progressed as quickly as San Jose would hope. Given that, he could soon be another player held out for trade-related reasons. It’s believed to be a four horse race for the Swiss sniper: Carolina, New Jersey, Vegas and St. Louis. The Blues entered the fray this week, hoping to leverage their two first-round picks from the Tarasenko and O’Reilly trades. The Golden Knights turned heads by moving Shea Weber’s contract, which freed up space to re-sign a player into next season. Carolina owner Tom Dundon said this week his typically conservative team is “leaning more aggressive than ever,” while the Devils have always been in the mix. Buckle up. For more detail, read Meier’s Trade Deadline player profile.

2. Patrick Kane 📈
Right Wing, Chicago Blackhawks
Age: 34
Stats: 54 GP, 16 G, 29 A, 45 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $10.5 million AAV
Scoop: Showtime’s still got it. Since our last Trade Targets board last week, Kane has pumped in seven goals in four games, raising a middle finger salute to anyone who has questioned his game and his nagging hip. Nothing to see there, move along. That’s made teams salivate. It’s not a foregone conclusion he is moving, but Kane has been doing his due diligence behind the scenes in recent days, finding out more information about his potential suitors. Where will that lead him? Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported that the Rangers are still eyeing Kane, even after the Tarasenko deal. We know Kane was deeply interested in New York based on the way he reacted publicly. Edmonton, Vegas and to a lesser extent, Dallas, would also potentially be in the mix. Kane still holds all of the cards and might only present one team to Chicago to talk trade, but the Hawks don’t have any indication yet he’ll present one at all. For a breakdown of his game, read Kane’s Trade Deadline player profile.

3. Jakob Chychrun
Left Defense, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 24
Stats: 36 GP, 7 G, 21 A, 28 Pts
Contract: 2 more seasons, $4.6 million AAV
Scoop: Yawn. Chychrun sat out a sixth straight game on Wednesday for “trade-related reasons” as the Coyotes seek to protect their high-priced asset. The problem is, we don’t appear to be any closer to a trade. Teams that were told 10 days ago to not bother entering the fray because the Coyotes had something lined up were suddenly phoned by GM Bill Armstrong in recent days wondering if there was still interest. There’s no doubt hat Chychrun is a talented player. He’s played at a 64-point pace of 82 games this season coming off two surgeries. There’s also no doubt that Armstrong has priced Chychrun too high, or else he would’ve moved in the last year that this saga has dragged on. There’s no way that this could drag into the summer … right? For more on Chychrun and his game, including a full scouting report, read Chychrun’s Trade Deadline player profile.

4. Vladislav Gavrikov
Left Defense, Columbus Blue Jackets
Age: 27
Stats: 52 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 10 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.8 million AAV
Scoop: Like Chychrun, Gavrikov has been pulled from the Blue Jackets’ lineup for asset protection as the Columbus zeroes in on a trade. Unlike Chychrun, Columbus seems to have something in the hopper for Gavrikov. It’s widely believed that the Bruins have a deal in place with Columbus for Gavrikov, but it is pending another transaction first to clear cap space. Not entirely sure why Columbus wouldn’t just take on the salary to process the deal and get it done, but that’s separate. We’ve known for months that Columbus is looking to match or exceed the package they received for David Savard in 2021: first and third-round picks. Did they get it? For a breakdown of Gavrikov’s game, read his Trade Deadline player profile.

5. Jake McCabe
Left Defense, Chicago Blackhawks
Age: 29
Stats: 54 GP, 2 G, 17 A, 19 Pts
Contract: 2 more seasons, $4 million AAV
Scoop: While all of the eyeballs were on Patrick Kane and his hat trick scored against the Maple Leafs on Sunday evening, McCabe quietly played perhaps his best game of the season for the Hawks. That did not go unnoticed in scouting circles. The Hawks have received a ton of legitimate interest in McCabe. Part of that is because of the player as a cost-controlled, steady defenseman with a reasonable cap hit. Part of it is because Chicago is now willing to retain half on McCabe’s deal to juice the return, which would knock him down to just $2 million per year for the next two years. Where could you find a player of that quality for that contract on the open market this summer? Nowhere. The Leafs, Oilers, Penguins, Bruins and Kings were among the teams interested. There may well be others. For more, read McCabe’s Trade Deadline player profile.

6. Dmitry Orlov🆕
Left Defense, Washington Capitals
Age: 31
Stats: 43 GP, 3 G, 16 A, 19 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $5.1 million AAV
Scoop: The Caps’ slide in the standings has forced GM Brian MacLellan to ask some tough questions. The biggest one revolves around Orlov, Washington’s second-best defenseman, and an instant Top 4 blueliner on any other team. On the one hand, the Caps probably need to re-sign him if they hope to be competitive next season. Their back-end has nine pending free agents; John Carlson is the only one under contract for next year. On the other hand, the Caps could get a haul for Orlov – because he is much better and more impactful than Gavrikov. And they could always re-sign Orlov in the summer if need be. They aren’t particularly close on a contract extension. So now may be the time to cash in during what’s been a tough season.

7. Ivan Barbashev
Left/Right Wing, St. Louis Blues
Age: 27
Stats: 57 GP, 10 G, 18 A, 28 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.25 million AAV
Scoop: Interest is growing in Barbashev, whom many teams see as the consolation prize to Meier on the scoring winger market. Blues GM Doug Armstrong is ready to dance. He just needs a partner for Barbashev, who was told to expect a trade before the deadline. Barbashev’s minutes were up prior to the All-Star break. He repaid the favor with a three-point night against Florida on Valentine’s Day. Teams are hoping to rehabilitate a player who collected 26 goals and 60 points last year. The best attribute of Barbashev is that he’s well-rounded, but he’s dinged for not truly separating himself in any one facet of the game. For a detailed breakdown and potential return, read Barbashev’s Trade Deadline player profile.

8. Carson Soucy
Left Defense, Seattle Kraken
Age: 28
Stats: 56 GP, 2 G, 8 A, 10 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.75 million AAV
Scoop: Teams have inquired about Soucy and the Kraken haven’t slammed the phone down. The truth is, Seattle has racked up enough points that their playoff position is strong. It isn’t likely to be significantly impacted by plucking off a defenseman who has alternated between second and third-pair minutes. Teams drool over Soucy’s 6-foot-5 frame – and if the Kraken can pry loose a first-round pick in what Draft experts believe is a historically strong crop? Well, they might just have to part ways with the Viking, Alberta native who is set to become a free agent this summer. Clearly, they’re also fine keeping Soucy for the stretch run, too. It’s a no-lose proposition for Seattle.

9. Sam Lafferty
Center/Left Wing, Chicago Blackhawks
Age: 27
Stats: 51 GP, 10 G, 11 A, 21 Pts
Contract: 1 more season, $1.15 million AAV
Scoop: Another game, another shorthanded goal for Lafferty – who is now tied for the league lead with four this season with Vegas’ Reilly Smith. The interest Lafferty has generated has been significant for Chicago. Teams have said the asking price is believed to be a second-round pick now. Given the way Lafferty departed his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins, traded for AHL contract burden Alex Nylander, few could’ve seen his resurgence into a hot trade commodity. But his elite speed has turned heads – particularly on the penalty kill. That makes him the perfect Swiss Army Knife for a playoff run. For a look at Lafferty’s game and the potential comps, read Lafferty’s Trade Deadline player profile.

10. Erik Karlsson
Right Defense, San Jose Sharks
Age: 32
Stats: 58 GP, 18 G, 58 A, 76 Pts
Contract: 4 more seasons, $11.5 million AAV
Scoop: Believe we’ve reached the one-in-a-million stage of a Karlsson trade. So you’re saying there’s a chance? Karlsson is leading the league in even-strength points by a 10-percent margin. He is third in assists and flirting with a 30-goal season. Karlsson’s season is utterly bananas. If he were any other player, having any other season, he’d likely be off the board by now with the complications of his contract. But you have to allow for the minuscule possibility that a team steps up in desperation to make it work. The Sharks will need to be willing to retain more than just 20 percent of Karlsson’s salary, likely in the 40-percent range to knock him down to $7-7.5 million. And they will need to vastly re-adjust their expectation in terms of a return. This feels like a deal for the summer, with no real reported interest outside of Edmonton. For more on Karlsson, read his in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

11. Luke Schenn
Right Defense, Vancouver Canucks
Age: 33
Stats: 55 GP, 3 G, 18 A, 21 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $850,000 AAV
Scoop: Guess who has matched the point production of John Klingberg this season? That would be Schenn, who is also being held out of the lineup for “trade-related reasons.” When the Canucks made the decision on Tuesday, there was nothing imminent, but had received enough interest to know that he is likely to move. Schenn is a proven winner with Stanley Cup pedigree on an expiring, inexpensive deal. Winnipeg, Calgary, Minnesota and Boston are just a few of the teams Schenn has been linked to, but others have also expressed interest. They say you can never have too many defensemen on a playoff run and Schenn is a fit for just about every team, particularly as a right-shot who can also play the left if needed. For more, peruse Schenn’s Trade Deadline player profile.

12. John Klingberg
Right Defense, Anaheim Ducks
Age: 30
Stats: 48 GP, 7 G, 15 A, 22 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $7 million AAV
Scoop: What a tough season it has been for Klingberg. He was always considered a flippable asset for the Ducks. It seemed to be a smart play at the time. Klingberg would put $7 million in his pocket for the season, shoulder the security risk, and hope to cash in again next summer. The problem is: Klingberg has struggled. He’s probably wishing he took less money to play on a contender. His stock has fallen precipitously. But it’s also been a miserable season for all in Anaheim. He isn’t long for the Ducks. The bigger question is the interest level and potential return. For a deep dive on the current status of Klingberg’s game, read his in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

13. Brock Boeser
Right Wing, Vancouver Canucks
Age: 25
Stats: 49 GP, 10 G, 27 A, 37 Pts
Contract: 2 more seasons, $6.65 million AAV
Scoop: Word is beginning to circulate that the Canucks are willing to entertain a deal for Boeser that includes Vancouver retaining some salary. It likely would not be a significant amount, but the Canucks are ready to move on. Their push to finally, once and for all, create some salary cap flexibility is real. We know that Boeser is looking for a change of scenery, too. He’s already been given the ability to seek a trade through his agent. Boeser hasn’t scored at his typical rate this season, but he’s still at 0.73 points per game (61-point pace), and he does have value as a scoring winger. The concern for teams is the term. For a detailed breakdown of Boeser’s game and potential fits, read his in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

14. Mattias Ekholm 📈
Left Defense, Nashville Predators
Age: 32
Stats: 55 GP, 5 G, 13 A, 18 Pts
Contract: 3 more seasons, $6.25 million AAV
Scoop: There has been increasing buzz on Ekholm this week as the Preds come to grips with the reality of their situation. They’re likely a seller, and Ekholm rises to the top of that list, followed closely by Mikael Granlund, Nino Niederreiter and Tanner Jeannot. We’re told Poile began to peruse the market for Ekholm earlier in January. He did that a couple seasons back with Granlund and Calle Jarnkrok, but pulled them back when his team went on a run. We’re not sure Poile could do the same this time around, but it remains to be seen whether there will be a taker for Ekholm given the term on his deal. For more detail, read Ekholm’s in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

15. James van Riemsdyk
Left Wing, Philadelphia Flyers
Age: 33
Stats: 39 GP, 9 G, 14 A, 23 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $7 million AAV
Scoop: Death, taxes and ‘JVR’ scoring at a 20-goal clip in the NHL. Those are three things you can bank on. Van Riemsdyk has rebounded from a fractured finger earlier this season into his usual form. He’s never been fleet of foot, so his speed isn’t a concern, because he has a knack like few others to find the puck at the exact right moment. It’s for that reason that ‘JVR’ is the 12th-best net-front scorer in the NHL, according to our Archetype Rankings series. If the Flyers are willing to retain half, which every indication is they would be willing to do, they can salvage a nice asset from a most disappointing season. That’s a long way from having to pay to move him last summer. For more on why JVR is a handy addition to a team’s toolbox, read his in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

16. J.T. Miller 🆕
Center, Vancouver Canucks
Age: 29
Stats: 57 GP, 19 G, 33 A, 52 Pts
Contract: 7 more seasons, $8 million AAV
Scoop: If you’re shocked to see Miller’s name on the list before his extension kicks in, consider the following: 1) The Canucks are open to just about anything at this point in time outside of Elias Pettersson and maybe Quinn Hughes; 2) Miller may have real value this summer as teams begin to realize there are so few impact players scheduled to hit free agency; 3) His ‘no-trade’ clause kicks in on July 1 and if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it before the player gains more control. It still seems like a longshot that Miller is moved before this deadline, but enough teams have talked about him internally that it is impossible to ignore the possibility.

17. Alex Kerfoot 🆕
Center, Toronto Maple Leafs
Age: 28
Stats: 58 GP, 7 G, 19 A, 26 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $3.5 million AAV
Scoop: GM Kyle Dubas spoke about the importance the Leafs placed in not trading anyone from the roster on Saturday. Here’s the thing: If Toronto is not done shopping and would like to upgrade on the back-end, then they’re going to have to move money out – provided that they plan to activate G Matt Murray prior to the playoffs. Justin Holl is an option, but then you’re also taking away at the position you’d like to add. So is Pierre Engvall, but he is more productive and less expensive than Kerfoot. The Leafs like the no-fuss flexibility that Kerfoot adds to the lineup, but at $3.5 million on the fourth line, he is a luxury and not a necessity there.

18. Kasperi Kapanen 🆕
Right Wing, Pittsburgh Penguins
Age: 26
Stats: 42 GP, 7 G, 13 A, 20 Pts
Contract: One more season, $3.2 million AAV
Scoop: GM Ron Hextall sent a note to his NHL counterparts over the last few days to alert them that Kapanen is available as the Penguins wrangle salary cap constraints. According to CapFriendly.com, the Pens do not have enough space to activate Jan Rutta from LTIR without a corresponding move. That could be accomplished by waiving another player, but it could also happen by trading Kapanen – which would alleviate next year’s burden for Kapanen as well. Seems to make a lot of sense. This one could be more imminent than some of the others on the board as the bet is Pittsburgh wants to get Rutta playing again.

19. Jesse Puljujarvi
Right Wing, Edmonton Oilers
Age: 24
Stats: 55 GP, 5 G, 8 A, 13 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $3 million AAV
Scoop: Puljujarvi seems to have nine lives in the Edmonton lineup. First, it was an injury to Kailer Yamamoto that kept him around. Now, it’s an injury to Evander Kane, who could miss the next couple of weeks. That has bought GM Ken Holland and the Oilers time to figure out what to do next with Puljujarvi. The expectation is that he will be traded somewhere else (Florida, St. Louis, Anaheim) or included as part of a package that the Oilers would need in order to pull off a trade. In other words, it still feels like a question of when and where, not if, Puljujarvi’s tenure in Edmonton comes to a close. For more on his potential, read Puljujarvi’s Trade Deadline player profile.

20. Joel Farabee 🆕
Left Wing, Philadelphia Flyers
Age: 22
Stats: 59 GP, 9 G, 17 A, 26 Pts
Contract: 5 more seasons, $5 million AAV
Scoop: Surprise, surprise. Farabee is one of the biggest surprises to hit the board this season. Sources say Farabee’s camp has voiced their displeasure to the Flyers as to how this season has unfolded under coach John Tortorella. Things came to a boil when Farabee skated just 3:52 in Calgary earlier this week. Farabee is a talented kid but has struggled this season after undergoing artificial disk replacement late in the summer, which limited his training. That prompted Tortorella to say he wasn’t going to “let Farabee hide behind that,” which didn’t help. He’s also played on the fourth line. The Flyers don’t want to trade Farabee at his lowest value. There is no formal trade request made from Farabee’s camp, but they’re seeking answers on a solution, especially since it’s clear that Tortorella isn’t going anywhere.

21. Jordan Greenway 🆕
Left Wing, Minnesota Wild
Age: 26
Stats: 40 GP, 2 G, 4 A, 6 Pts
Contract: Two more seasons, $3 million AAV
Scoop: Greenway’s name has made its way through rival pro scouting meetings and front offices as one of interest. The Wild are considering their options. Greenway has struggled this season with just two goals and six points, but teams are enamored by his 6-foot-6 frame and the different elements he provides. The win for Minnesota is in clearing out the next two seasons of Greenway’s deal at $3 million per, in a season where the dead cap space allotted to Zach Parise and Ryan Suter ratchets up. Greenway could be a difference maker in the playoffs, and the Wild are concerned about selling low when they could wait until the summer to see what the market brings.

22. Shayne Gostisbehere
Left Defense, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 29
Stats: 50 GP, 9 G, 20 A, 29 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $4.5 million AAV
Scoop: Gostisbehere returned to the Yotes’ lineup on Feb. 19 after a nearly month-long absence. Prior to injury, Ghost was trending toward a solid deadline addition. Gostisbehere found his confidence again in the desert after it crumbled in Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, the former 65-point defenseman can still play. He’s rejuvenated his game and was on track to hit 50 points again before the injury. He’s very efficient moving the puck and a solid addition to any power play. And this isn’t a recent phenomenon: Ghost’s underlying metrics were damn good last season. For more detail, see Gostisbehere’s trade deadline player profile.

23. Gustav Nyquist
Left Wing, Columbus Blue Jackets
Age: 33
Stats: 48 GP, 10 G, 12 A, 22 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $5.5 million AAV
Scoop: This is going to sound crazy, but the Blue Jackets announcing recently that Nyquist will miss the remainder of the regular season – that has actually increased his likelihood of a trade. He is essentially a FREE addition. The return may have been diminished for Columbus, of course. But think back to what the Toronto Maple Leafs did a few years back with Riley Nash. They traded a sixth-round pick for him (also from Columbus). He never appeared in a regular season game, but returned from his injury for the playoffs. There was no risk. He was no salary cap consequence since he was on LTIR for the duration of the regular season. And Nyquist is a much better player than Nash. For more on how he can boost a third line, read Nyquist’s Trade Deadline player profile.

24. Lawson Crouse
Left Wing, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 25
Stats: 53 GP, 19 G, 12 A, 31 Pts
Contract: 4 more seasons, $4.3 million AAV
Scoop: Crouse is a bit of a surprising name, given that he just inked a five-year extension in Arizona in August. Sources say Crouse has popped up in conversations – either internally or externally – as a fit. He’s grown into his 6-foot-4, 220-pound frame nicely and has already put up 19 goals this season. That scoring pace, coupled with his cost certainty on the contract, might provide the kind of surplus value that teams were drooling over initially with guys like Chychrun and Brandon Hagel last year. The question is Crouse has never really played in the spotlight in a big market and he has little by way of playoff experience. Arizona is likely content on keeping him, but GM Bill Armstrong probably isn’t in the business of hanging up on anyone when asked about most roster players right now.

25. Jakub Vrana
Left Wing, Detroit Red Wings
Age: 26
Stats: 3 GP, 1 G, 1 A, 2 Pts
Contract: 1 more season, $5.25 million AAV
Scoop: Vrana has yo-yoed between Detroit and AHL Grand Rapids in paper transactions in the last days as the Red Wings seek relief from waiver requirements on him. He’s played one NHL game (Feb. 21) since returning from the NHL/NHLPA’s Player Assistance Program for what sources say was a substance abuse issue. He posted 6 goals in 17 games (11 points) with Grand Rapids in his demotion. He is a gifted goal scorer, fourth in the league in goals-per-60 minutes at even-strength over the last three seasons. That has caught the attention of teams. The Red Wings would add that they believe he isn’t a consistent competitor, particularly in practice. If the Red Wings are going to buy him out of the remaining year in the summer – would they retain that much now and take an asset in return for him?

26. Max Domi
Center/Left Wing, Chicago Blackhawks
Age: 27
Stats: 57 GP, 17 G, 29 A, 46 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $3 million AAV
Scoop: As teams watch closely on Kane, McCabe and Lafferty, what they might notice is Domi and Philipp Kurashev have been some of the Blackhawks’ best players over this stretch. To this point, though, the market has been pretty quiet on Domi. That should heat up, as it did on Deadline Day last year when he was moved to Carolina. Domi has delivered for Chicago in an impressive way, certainly better than some of the bigger name top-six forwards on this board who would theoretically be more expensive. Keep in mind: Domi netted a game-winner for the Hurricanes last year in the playoffs. One playoff contribution like that, winning one postseason game, would be more than enough to justify an acquisition.

27. Matt Dumba 📉
Right Defense, Minnesota Wild
Age: 28
Stats: 55 GP, 4 G, 9 A, 13 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $6 million AAV
Scoop: We know that Matt Boldy’s extension last month officially spelled the end of Dumba’s run in Minnesota. But there hasn’t been all that much buzz around Dumba from other teams. It’s important to keep in mind that the Wild won’t be rushed. If the price isn’t right, they are more than willing to keep him for a playoff run before letting him walk. But they might not be making a playoff run now the way they’re playing. For a breakdown of Dumba’s game, read his in-depth Trade Deadline player profile.

28. Craig Smith or Mike Reilly 🆕
Center | Left Defense, Boston Bruins
Age: 33 | 29
Stats: 42 GP, 4 G, 6 A, 10 Pts | 10 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 1 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $3.1 million AAV | One more season, $3 million AAV
Scoop: It’s no secret that the Bruins have made an effort in recent days to move salary. We believe it is connected to a trade to bring in Gavrikov from Columbus. In order to accomplish that, it might mean parting ways with Smith, who would be walking from the likely Presidents’ Trophy winners. That’d be a tough pill to swallow for a well-respected teammate. The preference would be to trade Reilly, who is in AHL Providence, but the extra year on Reilly’s deal will make that more difficult.

29. Tanner Jeannot 🆕
Left Wing, Nashville Predators
Age: 25
Stats: 55 GP, 5 G, 9A, 14 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $800,000 AAV
Scoop: Jeannot was one of the NHL’s best stories last season. The Oxbow, Sask., native collected 24 goals in his rookie season as a 24-year-old after just recently spending time in the ECHL. He has struggled a bit this season, shooting just a quarter of the percentage he was at last year – when seemingly everything went in. The Predators have a decision to make. Keep Jeannot and give him a big raise (he is eligible for arbitration). Or, sell Jeannot while his value is high. It’s not an easy call. But there is no shortage of interest in Jeannot, a player with size, edge and someone who can contribute on the penalty kill.

30. Noah Gregor 🆕
Center, San Jose Sharks
Age: 24
Stats: 33 GP, 4 G, 2 A, 6 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $950,000 AAV
Scoop: Gregor quietly put in a trade request with the Sharks earlier this season, one that they haven’t been able to take him up on yet. He has frequently been a healthy scratch by coach David Quinn. When you compare him to Sam Lafferty (No. 9) on our Trade Targets board, Gregor’s skillset is very similar in that he possesses (perhaps even better) straight-line speed, which is elite by NHL standards. Gregor can absolutely fly. Last year, Gregor got the opportunity, but struggled to score. This year, he just hasn’t gotten the same opportunity. He may be a lower-cost find and comparable to Lafferty.

31. Nick Bonino
Center, San Jose Sharks
Age: 34
Stats: 55 GP, 9 G, 9 A, 18 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.05 million AAV
Scoop: If you listen closely, you can still hear Harnaryan Singh’s call from the Pittsburgh Penguins’ run in the Stanley Cup playoffs – “Bonino, Bonino, Bonino, Booooonnniiiiiiiinnnnnooooooo.” It was the soundtrack of the spring in the Steel City, a legendary call on a player who showed up in significant situations for the Pens. Bonino has never been fleet of foot, but he’s incredibly smart and his attention to detail is second to none. He is a diligent worker and has a strong work rate, and his point production hasn’t wavered much at all from his career averages. He’s got plenty of game left and would be a valuable add for any playoff-bound team.

32. Garnet Hathaway 🆕
Right Wing, Washington Capitals
Age: 31
Stats: 59 GP, 9 G, 7 A, 16 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $1.5 million AAV
Scoop: Hathaway is a name whose return might surprise if he is truly available. The Capitals have some difficult decisions to make – as trading away a player like Hathaway will have an impact their playoff chances. He doesn’t pop on the scoresheet with gaudy offensive production numbers, but Hathaway does all of the little things that make teams win. He competes like hell, has attention to detail and is reliable in all facets of the game. He is an under-the-radar, value deadline addition for an authentic Cup contender.

33. Nick Seeler
Left Defense, Philadelphia Flyers
Age: 29
Stats: 56 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 10 Pts
Contract: 1 more season, $775,000 AAV
Scoop: Seeler is a human nail gun. He’s tough, physical and has flown under the radar as a late-blooming, late-round pick. The Flyers have raved about Seeler’s competitive drive, ability to make a simple outlet pass and patience with the puck. Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher drafted Seeler in Minnesota and brought him to Philadelphia. Now he may have to part with him as Seeler has some real value on the trade market with one more season remaining at league minimum. He is a similar story to Jacob Middleton, who was trending in the second-round pick return range last year in San Jose.

34. Joonas Korpisalo 🆕
Goaltender, Columbus Blue Jackets
Age: 28
Stats: 26 GP, 3.14 GAA, .913 Sv%
Contract: Pending UFA, $1.3 million AAV
Scoop: No free agent goaltender has had a better year that Korpisalo, who has bounced back in a big way after an injury-riddled run. Korpisalo seems to be playing at a level now that hearkens back to the bubble when he helped extinguish the Toronto Maple Leafs in the play-in round in the bubble in 2020. He then stopped 85 pucks on 88 shots against the Lightning in Game 1 of the next round. After a couple down seasons, Korpisalo’s numbers are now better than they were in 2019-20, and he is a free agent with a cheap cap hit. The issue is the goalie market isn’t overflowing with interested teams.

35. Jonathan Drouin
Left Wing, Montréal Canadiens
Age: 27
Stats: 34 GP, 0 G, 17 A, 17 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $5.5 million AAV
Scoop: If you’re looking for a buy-low, high-ceiling bet then Drouin is your guy. He’s currently playing some of his best hockey in years, posting 12 points in his last 15 games. But there hasn’t been much buzz around Drouin yet. The Canadiens are hoping that chatter increases. They are willing to retain half on Drouin to make it work, but there are concerns about his dependability and injury history that won’t help. Nonetheless, Drouin remains a power play threat and potentially inexpensive addition. Wonder if the Avalanche would take a stab at reuniting Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon for some Mooseheads magic? It was exactly 10 years ago that the two of them captured the Memorial Cup.

36. Karel Vejmelka
Goaltender, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 26
Stats: 40 GP, 3.38 GAA, .903 Sv%
Contract: 2 more seasons, $2.75 million AAV
Scoop: Aside from having one of the great nicknames in the league, “Veggie” also is perhaps the premier goaltender available on the market. He’s closing in on almost 100 career NHL games played and has a .902 save percentage over the last two years on some pretty putrid Coyotes teams. His high-danger and shorthanded save percentages are pretty strong. And he’s signed for the next two years at high-level backup money, making him an affordable 1A or 1B tandem option for a team looking to right its goalie situation. The Coyotes are listening to understand the market on him, but there are only so many teams in the goalie carousel come this deadline – even though Vejmelka could be a longer-term solution.

37. Nick Bjugstad
Center, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 30
Stats: 58 GP, 13 G, 10 A, 23 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $900,000 AAV
Scoop: Arizona has been the land of opportunity for Bjugstad, who has cashed in on more ice time with his best offensive season since 2018-19 in Florida. His ice time is up more than six minutes from last year. By now, we probably have a pretty complete picture of what Bjugstad is at the NHL level – a big body with skill but lacking the consistent competitiveness to be a difference maker. The Wild made him a healthy scratch for all six of their first-round games last year against St. Louis. Still, at that contract and relatively low acquisition cost, a GM will always be willing to take a flier on a 6-foot-6 center.

38. Conor Garland
Right Wing, Vancouver Canucks
Age: 26
Stats: 56 GP, 12 G, 19 A, 31 Pts
Contract: 3 more seasons, $4.95 million AAV
Scoop: For all of the hemming and hawing about the money the Canucks have spent on wingers, Garland quietly lived up to his end of the bargain last season with 19 goals and 52 points. He burst onto the scene under Rick Tocchet in Arizona, the guy who gave him his shot. His ice time is virtually unchanged under Tocchet. Nonetheless, the fact remains the Canucks committed $10 million more to wingers for next season in Anthony Beauvillier and Andrei Kuzmenko. And Garland has never fit quite right in Vancouver, signed by the previous regime. He is a prime candidate to try and create salary cap flexibility for the Canucks, but the term may be a sticking point.

39. Sean Walker or Matt Roy
Right Defense, Los Angeles Kings
Ages: 28 | 27
Stats: 51 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 10 Pts | 58 GP, 8 G, 10 A, 18 Pts
Contracts: Both 1 more season, $2.65m | $3.15m AAVs
Scoop: One NHL GM referred to the Kings recently as the “bullpen for right-shot defensemen.” He isn’t wrong. It’s a luxury, for sure, and maybe even a bit of a logjam on the right side of Los Angeles’ blue line. The problem is that neither Walker or Roy is really moving the Kings in a contending direction. They both have another year on their contracts, Jordan Spence is waiting in the wings in AHL Ontario, and ideally they’d eventually like to move Sean Durzi back to his natural side. There is no guarantee that one of them will move. But there is room for improvement and better balance between the right and left sides, and acquiring someone like Jakob Chychrun would help alleviate some of that.

40. Nils Hoglander
Left Wing, Vancouver Canucks
Age: 22
Stats: 25 GP, 3 G, 6 A, 9 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $891,667 AAV
Scoop: No surprise, but teams say the Canucks have been rather cavalier in their interest in shaking things up – to the point where they’ve essentially said: “Tell us who you’re interested in.” There has been interest in Hoglander before and teams are very intrigued about him now. Down in AHL Abbotsford, the 22-year-old has posted 17 points in 24 games. Given that Vancouver is on the prowl for NHL-ready players who are age 25 and under, it would seem like a longshot that they decide to move on from Hoglander at this exact juncture in time. But the possibility cannot be ruled out, as they’re going to be considering lots of different proposals as they field interest in their players.

41. Lars Eller 🆕
Center, Washington Capitals
Age: 33
Stats: 57 GP, 7 G, 9 A, 16 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $3.5 million AAV
Scoop: If the Capitals are selling, and that isn’t guaranteed yet, then they’ve got a trade chip on their hand in Eller. His game and impact have slowed, but he’s still valuable for a playoff run. He’s a flexible center who is rarely rattled. He has Stanley Cup pedigree. And he’s well-respected in any locker room he steps into.

42. Cal Foote
Right Defense, Tampa Bay Lightning
Age: 24
Stats: 25 GP, 1 G, 2 A, 3 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $850,000 AAV
Scoop: In recent weeks, the Lightning have perused the market for Foote, who has sat for long stretches this season as a healthy scratch. He re-entered the Bolts’ lineup on Feb. 9 and had perhaps his best game of the season on Feb. 14 in his hometown of Denver. Tampa Bay’s 2017 first-round pick could fetch an asset that Tampa Bay might then be able to parlay into another deal at the deadline. Would a team like the Canucks be willing to take a swing on Foote now that his dad, Adam, has been added as an assistant coach? They’d know him better than anyone.

43. Cam Talbot 🆕
Goaltender, Ottawa Senators
Age: 35
Stats: 28 GP, 2.90 GAA, .905 Sv%
Contract: Pending UFA, $3.67 million AAV
Scoop: Talbot has pushed hard to return from injury for both the sake of the Sens’ playoff chances, but also for his own career fortunes as he might be a valuable deadline commodity for a team seeking goaltending insurance. Talbot took over for Marc-Andre Fleury last spring in the first round and lost the deciding game of the series in his only appearance of the playoffs. Talk about entering in a pressure cooker scenario – starting in an elimination game. But Talbot has plenty of experience to rely on and offers a consistency that few people at that position can claim.

44. Colin White 🆕
Center, Florida Panthers
Age: 26
Stats: 46 GP, 7 G, 7 A, 14 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $1.2 million
Scoop: White’s name has popped up in trade conversations in recent days as the Panthers have sought some salary cap flexibility. He is by no means a lock to get traded, but he is playing fourth line minutes and likely believes he has a little more to give. If the Panthers trend toward missing the playoffs by Deadline Day, they may consider moving him.

45. Will Borgen 🆕
Right Defense, Seattle Kraken
Age: 26
Stats: 57 GP, 2 G, 13 A, 15 Pts
Contract: Pending RFA, $900,000 AAV
Scoop: Talk about dealing from a position of strength. The Kraken have two very valuable trade chips on their back-end in Soucy (No. 8) and Borgen. They don’t have to deal either one of them, opting instead to keep them. Unlike Soucy, Borgen is an RFA. However, he will be due a sizable raise and when faced with a similar situation last year, the Kraken traded Jeremy Lauzon to the Predators the day before the deadline. It’s a different year, with the Kraken firmly entrenched in a playoff spot, but it bears watching.

46. Taylor Raddysh
Right Wing, Chicago Blackhawks
Age: 25
Stats: 57 GP, 14 G, 11 A, 25 Pts
Contract: 1 more season, $758,333 AAV
Scoop: The season Raddysh has put together has probably surprised most. He’s an under-the-radar type addition for a playoff team where money is tight. Raddysh has fresh legs. He’s piled up 14 goals, putting him on-pace for 23 over a full season on a mostly miserable Blackhawks team. With one more season on a cap hit that will technically be under league minimum next season, Raddysh is a steal. He’ll remain under team control after that, too, as a restricted free agent. That means the acquisition cost wouldn’t necessarily be cheap. The Blackhawks are more than happy to keep him – they still need to ice a team next year – but the truth is Raddysh has more value elsewhere than he does to Chicago.

47. Jack Roslovic
Center, Columbus Blue Jackets
Age: 26
Stats: 54 GP, 4 G, 26 A, 30 Pts
Contract: 1 more season, $4 million AAV
Scoop: There have been some rumblings that the Blue Jackets are curious about the market for Roslovic, who was a big part of the deal for Pierre-Luc Dubois back in 2021. Was he part of a potential push for Bo Horvat? Unlike rentals Gavrikov and Nyquist, Roslovic would represent a hockey trade. Roslovic’s point production has been solid, touching 20 goals for the first time last year, but his effort and work rate have been described as inconsistent. The difficult part for Columbus is they’d be trading when his value is low – and he’s a homegrown Columbus kid. This feels like a summer trade if it were to materialize.

48. Dmitry Kulikov 🆕
Defense, Anaheim Ducks
Age: 32
Stats: 58 GP, 3 G, 11 A, 14 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.25 million AAV
Scoop: Kulikov has been traded three times in his NHL career already and a fourth may be in order. He is playing north of 20 minutes a night for the Ducks this season, which is more of an indictment on Anaheim’s roster than Kulikov. He is a third-pair defenseman or insurance piece for a playoff team. Kulikov’s issue is he is prone to the occasional home run mistake, but most nights, he isn’t noticeable – in a good way. He is an inexpensive deadline add, especially when compared to Gavrikov or another top-end guys.

49. Radko Gudas 🆕
Right Defense, Florida Panthers
Age: 32
Stats: 50 GP, 2 G, 8 A, 10 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $2.5 million AAV
Scoop: There’s been plenty of chatter around Gudas, but to this point, the Panthers have resisted the urge to move him. They’re trying to hold out hope that they can claw their way into a playoff spot. The next few games will go a long way toward determining that – and Gudas’ tenure in Florida. He is an intimidating, disruptor of a defenseman and one of the few players who actually makes forwards nervous coming through the neutral zone and entering the zone with his thundering hits. That has value in and of itself, not to mention at an inexpensive cap hit on an expiring deal.

50. Sean Monahan
Center, Montréal Canadiens
Age: 28
Stats: 25 GP, 6 G, 11 A, 17 Pts
Contract: Pending UFA, $6.375 million AAV
Scoop: Monahan participated in Canadiens practice on Thursday, albeit wearing a non-contact jersey, which was a critical step forward in getting him moved before the NHL’s trade deadline. Monahan’s last game was all the way back on Dec. 5. Teams would like to see him in action again before committing any assets to him – and even then, the injury risk is significant. Nonetheless, Monahan had a really solid first quarter of the season. If his salary is run through a third-party broker, it will be down to the $1.6 million range, which is doable for a quality fourth line center piece on a championship team. If healthy.

TRADED: No. 1 Bo Horvat; No. 3 Ryan O’Reilly; No. 16 Vladimir Tarasenko; No. 18 Noel Acciari; No. 18 Ryan Reaves; No. 26 Niko Mikkola; No. 27 Jaycob Megna; No. 30 Ryan Merkley; No. 45 Nikita Zaitsev.

Off the board: Jonathan Toews, Chicago; Tyler Bertuzzi, Detroit; Jake Walman, Detroit; Olli Maatta, Detroit (Re-signed 2 years x $3 million); Joel Edmundson, Montréal; Teddy Blueger, Pittsburgh; Andreas Athanasiou, Chicago; Vitali Kravtsov, N.Y. Rangers; Justin Braun, Philadelphia.

Next up: James Reimer, San Jose.

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