“If LeBron wants to play with his sons, he will have to pay this price”

As he nears 38, LeBron James hopes to be on the NBA court for several more years so he can team up with his sons in the league. However, according to a former star, this would involve a big sacrifice for the King!

Competitor before the eternal, he will soon have to mix this character trait with that of the father attached to his children. Became a parent very quickly following his arrival in the NBA, LeBron James has so far always succeeded in combining success on the pitch and education of his offspring. However, his role as a father could influence his illustrious career from 2024.

Indeed, after 19 years spent on the courts of the league, the King has a big goal for the coming seasons, namely to evolve alongside his eldest, Bronny, eligible for the 2024 Draft. Even more ambitious, he even hopes put off his retirement long enough to be able to play with his second son, Bryce, 15. A dream of the most touching, but which would be accompanied by a non-negligible consideration.

Between rings and family, LeBron James will have to choose

By teaming up with one or both of his boys, LeBron would write NBA history by forming the first father-son duo in history. However, for Jalen Rose, this would mean giving up the quest he has been leading since his arrival at the pros in 2003. In the last episode of the Jalen & Jacoby Showthe former winger has indeed affirmed that James will have to decide between this paternal desire… and his quest for titles!

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for LeBron. It just depends on what he hopes to accomplish at the end of his career. Does he want to keep playing so he can have the opportunity to team up with them and enjoy the sport he loves well into his 40s? Or is his goal still to fight for titles? If he wants to play with his sons, he will have to pay the price.

For Rose, joining Bronny and Bryce will inevitably coincide with the abandonment of all hope of being crowned champion once again. Without it necessarily being a bad thing in his eyes:

From what I currently see, the Lakers will not win another title with him. So I think LeBron is starting to revise his expectations and his plans for what he wants his end of career to look like. Since finishing at the top is not possible in LA, this project pleases me, for him and for his sons. And it would be great if that could happen for the sport.

While waiting for the possible arrival of Bronny, the Chosen One still has time to expand its track record a little. This is what he will try to do in the coming season!

For Jalen Rose, a huge dilemma awaits LeBron James, who will no longer be able to claim the Larry O’Brien trophy if he one day plays under the same colors as Bronny and Bryce. A fact that LBJ has probably already taken into account, and which does not seem to influence its decision!

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