« If it doesn’t work for the NBA, it’s not a problem »

It seems almost natural that the sons of LeBron James, Bronny and Bryce have chosen the path of basketball for the moment since they have always been immersed in it. They’re getting to an age where it’s starting to get very serious, and that’s what they aspire to do in their lives right now: play basketball.

« I was born into it, so I feel like the path was already chosen, » Bronny said. “But my dad is cool enough to let me go whatever path I want if I didn’t want to pursue basketball. But I think basketball is going to be my thing for sure. »

He did everything in particular to break away from LeBron James Jr., his name, to call himself Bronny instead.

“I was always given nicknames. Bronny stayed. But I also want to build my own narrative and take my own path and not have the same path as LeBron. »

As for Bryce, he confides that he also thinks it’s his thing, but with less conviction. “I just tried it, and it turned out that I really liked it. »

Bronny sure aspires to the NBA, but he’s realistic about it and knows it might not happen.

« I’ll see what happens. I will play basketball. If I go that route, then it will be, and if it doesn’t work for the NBA, that’s okay. » Bronny

No doubt the impact of the King’s speech, very worried about his children.

“You can’t have expectations just because you’re LeBron’s son. You have to be even more careful, because you don’t know. And it’s a scary thing, being a black dad with a kid driving…These kids are so well known, they’re leaving home, and our daughter is in school,” LeBron said, explaining that the only time he feels 100% safe that’s when her kids are home. »

And the LeBron family is above all a team

« We all know we can climb the mountain alone, but it’s a lot easier when we do it together, » LeBron explains. “I’m young enough to know a lot of things they go through, but I’m also smart enough to stay out of some things. It’s not my job to be around them all the time. We all support each other. We want everyone to succeed. »

But he still put a good dose of pressure on Bronny by announcing that his dream was to play with him in the NBA.

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